Drapery Hardware


Curtain rods run the gamut of styles and prices from adjustment or expansion rods to custom length decorative poles. SignatureThings house with a extensive assortment of options when it comes to drapery hardware. You will certainly find a curtain rod style that excellently suits your home furnishings. Depending on the length, shade, and weight of the curtains you might go with a thick drapery rod, thin curtain rod with a particular colour or coating.

One-Stop-Shop for Drapery Hardware & Curtain Rods

We have a huge collection of drapery hardware that is simple, quick and effortless to install. Signaturethings drapery hardware collection consists of all types and designs of drapery rods your home deserves. Ranging from decorative curtain rods, shower curtain rods, curtain rings, curtain flanges, curtain tiebacks and drapery finials you can pick from over 100+ unique and specially designed rods and tubing. That's probably why we've consistently been the most preferred choice for professional interior designers and homeowners for many years.

Here are the most popular styles of functional and decorative drapery hardware just for you. Choose from the Basic Curtain Rods, custom heavy-duty curtain rods or decorative drapery hardware or tubing.  Update your home's decor or ornate your new dwelling by selecting the right curtain rods to make an impression. Call us anytime if you have any queries.

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