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Accessorize Newly Remolded Kitchen With Your Favorite Brass Finish - Custom Brass Hardware
Today everybody needs to be unique. They need to emerge. Individuals demonstrate it in the way they customize their things, making them their own and unique in relation to everybody else's. Which is the reason tweaking is so in nowadays? When you alter your things, it permits you to demonstrate your inventiveness while in the meantime being down to earth about it. What's more, where else would need our imaginative inventiveness to emerge the most however in our own one of a kind homes. We need our own particular homes to emerge from different homes. We need our home and our furniture to be not quite the same as the houses and furniture of the general population we know.
Re-Creating the Perfect Kitchen or Bathroom with Brass Lucite Hardware
You can make a huge difference with a very small project of changing the knobs and pulls in your home. By getting premium custom designed knobs and pulls for your home you can make it unique.

Brass Luicte Pulls

Filling wall gaps with brass beauty

"Decorating your house can be extremely overwhelming as the options are actually endless."

 Modern Hook Bar


You might get super simple tips to decorate your living room, dining room or maybe your study as  a whole with box full ideas. But then think of your daily accessories like your hat, your scarf or may be bikers jackets which slightly reduce your beautiful home for some time  due to unorganized placing when you enter your place.

You would love to be organized for these instant stuff as well.  Imagine if you could hang this stuff in the entry way of your home in a stylish and organized manner. Yes, it is possible. You can make this unnoticeable entry way wall to eye catching section with our Modern Hook Bar

made of premium quality brass.

This might not be super exciting idea to redecorate your home, but think about it, who would love plain boring door back with some artwork on the door, rather try to combine your artwork on the door with our brass beauty on the wall and make your home an unforgettable place for you when you are not in.

Top 5 Eclectic ideas to transform your wall into artistic masterpieces

        Have a blank wall with one color, sounds so boring. Why not add multiple patterns to your wall. Some beautiful hangings and classic artworks  to make  it look beautiful  and energize you, make you feel home. Here are a few tips, which help will you transform  your wall into artistic masterpieces

 1) Apply decorative paint techniques like stippling and combing which will help foster background elegance.

 2) Decorate your living room wall with traditional looking wall hangings. Doesn't matter how formal it looks, but it makes you feel at your  own place.

 3) Have a sculptured bookshelf  on a wall, and paint inside the bookshelf in an unexpected  color or lighter shade of your wall color.

 4) Having small mirror with frame color that matches with the wall  makes  a huge impact. 

 5) The most precious thing for us is our family, and equally their pictures. Design gallery of family pictures and other small photos in  contrasting or matching frames, arrange them collage hallway  or staircase  or in your own style, and see the difference. This will count  as gems and jewels of your home and your life.

Top 5 Eclectic ideas to transform your wall into artistic masterpieces

  In addition to the above tips, We at signatureThings are launching our new series  of modern brass switch plates which will certainly add  beautiful craftsman's  jewels to your wall

Switch your style to new switch plates collection

        Get ready to experience the elation of aesthetic designs with our new launch of brass switch plates.

So finely crafted you just can't resist to grasp this treasure. We are passionate about bringing retro touch to our products with modern styling to Recraft your home.

SignatureThings is coming up with latest premium quality brass switch plates with modern  style and Discerning in taste.

Each and every product is beautifully designed with durability and security taking into consideration. Besides door pulls, push plates or handles, switch plates are also sources of bacteria's which we touch  in our everyday life.

And as said, if these are made up of alloys or metals like steel, plastic becomes sources of bacteria  and we face the health issues because of that. While the brass destroys them in minutes.

So our new collection are not just of modern bevel edge designs, but also desirable for your wellness.

modern switch plates, decorative switch plate which includes single, double and triple toggle switch plates.

   Product range starts from modern switch plates, decorative switch plate which includes single, double and triple toggle switch plates.

Irresistible design of combo toggle switch plate and Duplex cover plate and much more. All our products are available in all finishes and custom finishes.

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"So switch it on and stay relaxed make each every room in your house crafted with sumptuous design" only at

Brass kills bacteria not your style statement - switch to brass stay healthy

Surfaces made of  plastic, stainless steel, wood and other such material  or alloy are widely used, because of their cheap rates. But they allow hazardous bacteria  to survive and spread when you touch handles, pulls or any knobs made from these alloys..

These bacteria's are generally persist on door pulls, push plates, door push, door knocker, cabinet knobs, etc. These are the primary sources of harmful viruses and bacteria's, which we frequently come across in our daily life.

Copper surfaces kills several deadly bacteria. Replacing current furniture handles and hooks etc made of brass reduces around 82  to 83% amount of bacteria on their surfaces. 

You can say, these bacteria do not die, it's an endless chain of their growth. DNA is passed on to other bacteria and new born bacteria can survive for even a months and chain continues. And in turn we face the severe health issues. Not just that, we also become the spreading agent for such deadly bacteria's.

Replacing these alloys with brass, certainly kills these bacteria and their DNA as well.

We cannot avoid handling these allows in public places, but at least, we can start from our home and start staying healthy.

These antibiotic resistant bacteria can survive for weeks on stainless steel surfaces. But they don't mess up with brass surfaces and die within few minutes or less than an hour.Brass kills bacteria not your style statement - switch to brass stay healthy

Brass or copper surfaces have great intrinsic property to destroy such harmful microorganism.

Growth of these bacteria starts with one and then multiply in numbers and production enters into endless cycle, but their reproduction is rapidly degraded on brass surfaces.

So, I guess we have got the reason why brass was used on a large scale in the classic era. Due to its scientific benefits and elegant styling.

We at singnatureThings do care about you, and hence we have all the products which certainly take's care of your health without compromising on your style statement.

Top 5 tips for Crafting your home in your own style

Transforming an ordinary place to extraordinary is a dream of every individual. A special but intangible quality that seems to surround us, an aura of prosperity. We love to keep up with a trend in home décor, sometimes it is tough, still we don’t stop trying with latest and greatest for our place.

1) Trendy colors, retro style furniture  to modern style curtains, keep experimenting to make it look awesome.

2) Buy something which is meant to be used  and not just admired from far.

3) Compromising on quality over quantity, just because you have wall to cover it with painting, really not a very good idea.

4) Choose wisely often for high quality and unique stuff instead of over buying.

5) Going back and trying something of classic era is very much refreshing as it converts most contemporary homes to evoke some memory of retro era.

Our place has a touch of history, memory, things that have been passed along and living side by side with modern style. It's your essence of personal style representing you  in a society.

We at signaturethings, understand the feeling that, things that have been collected over a lifetime are precious and incorporate the same feel in our beautifully crafted brass products.