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10 Ingenious Closet Remodeling Ideas To Take Your Closet To The Next Level

10 Ingenious Closet Remodeling Ideas To Take Your Closet To The Next Level

10 Ingenious Closet Remodeling Ideas To Take Your Closet To The Next Level

I am sure you’ve all seen those pictures on Pinterest of the dream closet with shelves on every wall and a shoe shelf up above. We all know that this is not always possible because of space limitations, but there are some tricks to make your closet look more like the dream. Here are 10 Ingenious closet remodel ideas to take your closet to the next level.

How to make your closet look more spacious?

  1. Use the space above your clothes rod

    Use the space above your clothes rod

    Some closets have a shelf for clothes rods, but there is usually unused space above these shelves. Using this space for storage is a great way to create more room in your closet and make it look less cluttered. You can use baskets and bins to make these shelves functional. Add dividers like the ones you would find in a cube organizer to keep everything organized and hidden from view.

  2. Install ladder hooks

    Ladder hooks are perfect if you want to add some height to your closet but don’t want to add another shelf. These hooks will allow you to hang items like purses, belts, and scarves that would be otherwise difficult or impossible with just clothing rod shelves alone.

  3. Have different sized hanging areas

    If you want more variety in what you can store it might be worth investing in some different sized hangers and shelves so you can store things of various sizes and handle any organizational needs you might have. For example, many people find they need one section for pants and another section for shirts or dresses. One idea would be an upper section where long-term items can go such as coats, sweaters, etc., while the lower section could be used for shorter-term items such as shirts or jackets that are needed on a regular basis.

  4. Finally, use hidden storage spaces

    Maximize the space of your home as best as possible. Most people don't realize that storage space is available from the floor to the ceiling. Organizing smaller items with built-in or custom cabinetry will help keep things organized.

The Storage Solution....

  1. Corner Shelves

    Corner Shelve

    One of the best ways to add more storage and space to your closet is with corner shelves. You can find these at most major retailers like or on Amazon. They are typically designed to fit into corners, but they are also available in other shapes to fit any space in your closet. A few key pieces of advice when purchasing one of these are to make sure you buy a good quality corner shelf that will be strong enough for what you want it to hold. It's also important that you purchase a depth that is appropriate for the amount of items you want to store on it. If your goal is to store shoes, you'll need a deeper shelf for this purpose.

    Next, if you have an existing corner shelf in your closet, measure the width and height of the space where it will go before purchasing another one that's too large or too small. You'll save yourself trouble with installation if the new shelves are the same size as the existing one. Lastly, don't forget about safety when installing your new shelves!

  2. Add shelf and divider

    Add Shelf and divider

    Adding a shelf or a divider can be a great way to create more space without taking up any extra space. This is because the space above the divider becomes a separate area. Shelves are great because they can hold items you might not need as often. Shelves are also good for storing things right at eye level, which will make it easier to see your closet's contents. When installing shelves, place them near the back wall so that you have less chance of knocking into them every time you enter and exit your closet.

  3. Incorporate Shelves & Cubicles

    If you don’t have a lot of space, then you’ll need to get creative. One way that has been popular is to use cubicles or shelves to store clothes. These are usually hung vertically on the wall like in the top photo. If you want them to look more like traditional cubicles, then they should be spaced out evenly and separated with dividers.

    Another way that some people take their closet up a notch is by using shelving or cubbies at the bottom of their closet doors like in the second photo. This makes it easier to find things because everything will be within arm’s reach.

  4. Install Two-Tiered Clothing Racks

    Clothing Rack

    Since the closet is the only storage space in your bedroom, it can get crowded very quickly. Installing two-tiered clothing racks is a great way to cut down on the clutter and make your closet look more organized. You can also install shelves on the back of your hanging clothes so you can store shoes underneath them.

  5. Add Brass hanging rod with basket

    This is the perfect way to use both vertical and horizontal space. Hang a round brass rod and tubing on each of your closet walls, then hang a small basket on each of the rods. This will free up some floor space for other storage items. You can put shoes, scarves or belts on the shelves.

  6. Organize closet with basket

    Organize Closet with Basket

    If you don’t want to get too ambitious and change the layout of your closet, one way to make it look more like a dream closet is by using baskets. This can be done two ways.

    1) You can use baskets on shelves, which will allow you to store items that would normally be in drawers or on the floor. Baskets can be stacked on top of each other and used as storage space just like shelves.

    2) You can use baskets for hanging clothes, so items are easier to see and access. The downside is that this requires a little more work because you have to actually put the clothes in the basket and remove them when you want to wear them. But it does mean everything has a place, and if you follow the traditional three-fold rule: fold shirts together, fold pants together, fold skirts together- then everything will have a place when it goes back into the basket.


A closet remodel can increase the value of your home, make your home more functional, or allow you to store more items. But you need the right assistance, ideas & hardware to complete this project. Even the smallest upgrades can make a huge difference.

When the time comes to give your closet a makeover, consider our full range of high quality brass closet hardware at Find all heavy duty curtain rods and support brackets. Available in custom length, diameter sizes & finishes. If a little more help is necessary, consult with our expert team to create the closet of your dreams.

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