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How To Get Your Windows Winter-Ready

How To Get Your Windows Winter-Ready

How To Get Your Windows Winter-Ready

With winter approaching, it’s time to prepare your home to keep out the cold and keep in warmth. Apart from sweeping your chimney, inspecting the roof and turning off any outdoor faucets, don’t forget to cover your windows to seal out cold air. After all, getting caught off guard by a chill from drafty windows is the last thing you want. If you are wondering about your options, In this article, we have put together a list of some ideas to get your window ready for winter to keep your home warm as the temperature drops outside.

How to prepare for winter.?

Here are some things you should do… Let's Start..

  1. Inspect your roof and ensure all loose shingles have been replaced.
  2. Turn off any outdoor faucets or open the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  3. Clear away any leaves, branches or twigs that may have fallen to the ground.
  4. Don’t forget to blow off your sidewalk or driveway to ensure the ice is not forming.
  5. Inspect your heating system for any damage or worn parts.
  6. Turn on the outside outdoor lights and plug them in if you haven’t already.
  7. Drain any lint from the dryer vent, clean the lint filter and replace.
  8. Remember to open all window shades or shutters during high winds.
  9. To make sure your windows have enough height and sunlight to properly heat your home, replace the clear plastic cover on any existing weather stripping.

How to stay warm and keep the cold out during winter

Choosing the right window treatment can make a big difference in how warm your home is and the impact it has on energy efficiency. Here are the basics:

  • Switch to an electric, controlled solar option such as blackout shades or blackout cloths, which reduce the amount of light coming in and can help reduce cooling costs.

  • Go for double-paned windows (meaning no glass between the panes) to block out as much heat and humidity. Use a product like a clear shellac to seal the edges of the glass and prevent drafts from leaking through.

  • Use vents to redirect cool air to the outside of your home rather than creating a small pocket of warm air inside.
  • Swap your older draperies and curtains for lightweight and machine washable ones, which will also help keep the house cool and save on energy bills.

How to keep your windows winter-ready

Facing east: A good natural source of heat is the east-facing window, so always make sure that this is facing the sun. Keep a blanket or a sleeping bag or jacket on the window sill.

Dustier spaces: If you don’t use your windows much, it’s likely that dust will accumulate and leave an unsightly residue. Spray the window frame with a household cleanser, wiping it with a cloth when you’re done. If you have a rubber window seal, simply go for the brush, apply a thin coat of household cleanser to the rubber and use a lint roller to clean away. Let the rubber dry completely before you close it.

Covering with black paper: Black-papered windows are as effective as plastic ones and absorb light well. Use it to shade a small window that doesn’t get much natural light.

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re well-established, window coverings are a great investment that can truly help you make your home warm all year round. Here're some window covering ideas to keep your home warm in winter season.

If you’re ready to do your part and get your windows winter ready, visit your local window store to see what options are available and get started today.

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