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3/4" Round Iron Curtain Rod

SKU: 3948d860
  • Aged Iron
    Aged Iron
    Not available
  • Antique
    Not available
  • Ash
    Not available
  • Beijing
    Not available
  • Black
    Not available
  • Brass
    Not available
  • Brite Silver
    Brite Silver
    Not available
  • Bronze
    Not available
  • Brushed Nickel
    Brushed Nickel
    Not available
  • Burgundy
    Not available
  • Burnished Bronze
    Burnished Bronze
    Not available
  • Chalet
    Not available
  • Champagne
    Not available
  • Espresso
    Not available
  • French Blue
    French Blue
    Not available
  • Gilded Silver
    Gilded Silver
    Not available
  • Gilt
    Not available
  • Gold Blush
    Gold Blush
    Not available
  • Gold Dust
    Gold Dust
    Not available
  • Gold
    Not available
  • Hammered Silver
    Hammered Silver
    Not available
  • Hammered Steel
    Hammered Steel
    Not available
  • Havannah
    Not available
  • Antique Brass Lacquered
    Antique Brass Lacquered
    Not available
  • Heirloom
    Not available
  • Henna
    Not available
  • Leather
    Not available
  • Mineral
    Not available
  • Moss
    Not available
  • Natural Iron
    Natural Iron
    Not available
  • Nutmeg
    Not available
  • Pearl
    Not available
  • Pewter
    Not available
  • Sable
    Not available
  • Sepia
    Not available
  • Swiss Gold
    Swiss Gold
    Not available
  • Versailles
    Not available
  • Vintage Walnut
    Vintage Walnut
    Not available
  • White
    Not available
  • Winter
    Not available

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Hang dapper drapes and cute curtains in clean, transitional style with this single curtain rod. The Round iron curtain rod is a simple and timeless style statement, with a variety of iron finishes, that will appeal to many. The curtain rod is constructed from iron which is highly durable and resilient.

  • Shown here in the Natural Iron finish
  • Bracket required every 72"
  • All rods will be cut exactly to the length you specify.

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These are Iron rods not Brass Rods.  For Brass Tubing see the Classic Brass Tubing Products in multiple diameters and wall thicknesses. 


What's Included?

3/4" Round Iron Curtain Rod


  • Iron Curtain Rod.
  • Constructed from heavy duty iron materials.
  • A brief period of installation is required, but you can quickly assemble the curtain rod.
  • Bracket required every 72"
  • Suitable for light to heavy weight curtains.
  • This rod is designed to sit outside of the window frame, and it can be installed using the included hardware.

 Products Details:

  • Materials: Metal
  • Hardware Materials: Iron

Diamensions and Sizes:

  • All rods will be cut exactly to the length you specify.
  • Custom Cutting Rods : Yes. ( 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 ft )


  • Product Type: Closet Rod/ Curtain Rod/ Shower Rod
  • Color / Finish: Aged Iron, Antique Brass, Beijing, Brass, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Burgundy, Espresso, French Blue, Glit, Gold and More.
  • Mount Type: Adjustable.
  • Style: Art Deco,Classic,Coastal,Cottage,Glam,Industrial,Mid-Century Modern,Minimalist,Modern,Transitional.


  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Installation Required: Yes.
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Question: Is the item durable?


Question: Is this item easy to use?

Yes. Easy to install and remove rod easily.

Question: What are the dimensions of this item?

this heavy duty iron curtain rod is 120" FT Long and available in different diameter sizes.

Question: Hanging medium to heavyweight curtains?

Yes. A 1/2" diameter rod is ideal for lightweight café curtains, sheers, or valances and is typically used in the bathroom or kitchen to complement window treatments. and Hanging medium to heavyweight curtains We recommend 5/8" or 3/4" diameter rods.

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Iron Curtain Ring With Eyelet

Update your window treatments with this elegant Iron Curtain Rings. Long lasting wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use. Great curtain rod accessories for daily household use, curtains, shower curtains or lining. Come in 3 different sizes. 1", 2" and 3".


Standard Iron Brackets

Standard Brackets have clean lines and unobtrusive styling. They are our most popular style.

All brackets are sold individually. Brackets will be made to coordinate with the rod size and style ordered. Most brackets are the drop-in style and feature a set screw that securely locks the rod in place after installation. Projection is measured from the wall to the center of the rod. Touch up paint is included to match screw heads if alternate mounting hardware is required. Professional installation into studs or wood backing is advised.

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Round Iron Finials

These beautiful Iron Curtain Rod Finials easily screw onto the ends of your curtain rod to add a refined finishing touch to your window treatments.

Finials for solid rods (1/2" & 3/4" diameter) feature a cuff that slides over the rod end and are held in place by a set screw on the back of the cuff.

Finials for hollow rods (1" & 1-5/8" diameters) are designed to slide into the rod end and are held in place by a set screw on the back of the rod.

We also offer modification and customization of any of our finials.

We can fabricate any of our finials to fit wood poles or other hardware.

We can also create or customize a finial to your specifications.

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French Curtain Rod

French Return Rods have two distinct characteristics. They don’t use finials, and they return to the wall. This rod is designed to sit outside of the window frame. This is the best curtain rod for blackout curtains or room dakening curtains, a french rod that provides edge-to-edge coverage to reduce light, noise and drafts during the night. It is especially helpful for light sleepers or night shift workers.

French Rods or French Poles are one of the most popular drapery hardware styles right now. These grommet style draperies offer a seamless and continuous look across your window.

  • - French Rods for 1/2" and 3/4" diameter rods are solid.
  • - We Heat & Bend the returns to the rod in one piece.
  • - The return ends are drilled to slip onto pinned bases.

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Other Options for Size, Finish, and other variables