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Round Iron Brackets

Round Brackets offer versatile style for light to medium weight treatments. Base is 2" diameter, good for limited installation spaces.
All brackets are sold individually. Brackets will be made to coordinate with the rod size and style ordered. Most brackets are drop in style and feature a set screw that securely locks the rod in place after installation. Projection is measured from the wall to the center of the rod. Touch up paint is included to match screw heads if alternate mounting hardware is required. Professional installation into studs or wood backing is advised.

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SKU: a2f21375
  • Single [+$20.00]
    Single [+$20.00]
  • Adjustable [+$40.00]
    Adjustable [+$40.00]
  • Double [+$50.00]
    Double [+$50.00]
  • Swivel [+$50.00]
    Swivel [+$50.00]
  • Pass Through [+$50.00]
    Pass Through [+$50.00]
  • Ceiling [+$30.00]
    Ceiling [+$30.00]
  • Socket
  • Bypass [+$100.00]
    Bypass [+$100.00]
1SingleOur most popular bracket. Strong and simple.
A great choice for most applications.
Projection: 3-1/2"
Base: 2" round
2Adjustable BracketRecommended for use with bay rods, curved rods, and returns.Projection: 3" – 4-1/4" (3-1/2" – 4-3/4" for 1-5/8" rods)
Base: 2" round
3Double BracketProjection: 3" & 6"
Base: 2" round
4Swivel BracketBase swivels to allow installation in different positions.
Recommended for use with arch top rods and as a center support for 1/2" and 3/4" French rods.
Projection: 3" – 5"
Base: 2" round
5Pass-Through BracketBase swivels to allow installation in different positions.
Not for ceiling installation. Not for use with French rods unless spliced.
Projection: 3" – 5"
Base: 2" round
6Ceiling BracketCeiling brackets will be made to the minimum drop (measured from the ceiling to the top of the rod).Base: 2" round
1/2" rods: 1-1/4" minimum drop, 2" overall length
3/4" Round rods: 1-3/8" minimum drop, 2-3/8" overall length
3/4" Twist & 1" rods: 15/8" minimum drop, 2-7/8" overall length
1-5/8" rods: 2-1/8" minimum drop, 4" overall length
7SocketFor inside mounting. Specify rod side (left or right) for set screw along with exact inside mount dimensions below. We will make deductions. Provides a minimal look.
8Bypass BracketRecommended for largely curved rods or excessive spans.
Available for special applications with 1-5/8" rods using 2-1/2" C rings or with 1" rods using 2" C rings.
Base: 2" round
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