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Available in 3 sizes, 3+ finishes

ZOOT Hook in combination of Black, Brass and Wood

Zoot is a round coat wall hook which functions as a decorative element for different spaces in the home and the office. With a wooden structure in oak or walnut combined with aluminium, the warm and versatile wall hook is ideal for hallways and rooms. Available in three sizes -60, 90 and 120mm in diameter- and various finishes, Zoot allows for an infinite number of combinations adding personality to the walls where it is installed. Combining the different sizes of this round wall hook designed by Alexis Vivet, you can design well-decorated walls where you can put your handbags, neckerchiefs, ties, jackets and coats

$128.99 $98.99

TAKK Design Single Coat Hook

TAKK Hook in Black, White, Brass or Chrome

The Takk wall hook, has a distinct industrial style. Made in Zamak it is the perfect accessory for any type of room that requires a discrete, elegant and functional hanger. Available in four different finishes, this wall hook is ideal for small-sized bathrooms which need to maximize their functionality. The slight elevation on the front of Takk makes it perfect for hanging dressing gowns, towels and toiletry bags.

Available in 4 finishes
$52.99 $40.99

FLOID Wall Hook

FLOID Wall Hook in Black, White, Gold, Antique Brass or Pewter

The Floid wall hook, made in zamak, fits perfectly well in all types of hallways, bedrooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and offices and a vintage touch. It is characterized by its round shape and cylindrical end which means it can be fitted discretely and easily onto walls. it is available in five different finishes which means it can be combined on walls and with furniture of different tones. It makes up part of the Floid collection which includes knobs and handles along from the same model line. Combining them is a perfect way to achieve harmonious surroundings.

Available in 4 finishes

$63.99 $48.99

CRESTT Wall Hook

CRESTT Hook in Black, White, Gold, Antique Brass or Pewter

Crestt, the retro wall hook, Manufactured in zamak, it is characterized by its ability to blend in perfectly with all types of surroundings. Available in two types of finish, black and white, Crestt is a wall hook with pure lines with a rounded face and a long neck that makes it perfect for hanging all types of clothing and accessories: from headphones and winter coats, to backpacks and neckerchiefs. Crest turns out to be a practical option for rooms for all members of the family

Available in 2 finishes

$82.99 $63.99

CORNER Wall Hook

CORNER Hook in Anthracite Grey and Black, White, Moss Grey, Yellow, Pink or Dark Turquoise

Corner is the angular and linear based wall hook par excellence. With a modern style, it is available in six different finishes which means you can create multiple types of compositions and install it in different types of rooms adding colour and dynamism. Its straight lines contrast with the colours of its finishes, resulting in a unique wall hook that brings personality and groundbreaking touch to walls on which it is fitted. Manufactured in zamak, this is the perfect accessory for juveniles’ bedrooms, or spaces characterized by vitality, looking for accessories that seem carefree and to add a touch of freshness.

Available in 6 finishes

$95.99 $73.99


Available in 2 finishes, 2 styles

ORBIT Hook in Black + Copper or Black + Gold

Orbit, the elegant wall hooks, Eclectic and with a sinuous shape, they add a touch of retro to the spaces where they are fitted. Easily combined, the wall hooks in this collection can make really sophisticated and elegant spaces. Their rounded shapes mean you can hang handbags, backpacks and jackets without leaving a mark on them. It’s even possible to hang two things at a time on them. The Orbit wall hooks can be fitted in any place that you may imagine, always adding extra style. The set of two hangers is available in two different finishes.

$86.99 $66.99


GRAF Hook in Brushed Black, Brushed Brass or Brushed Stainless Steel Look

The wall hook Graf is characterized by the elegance of its shapes. It is a fashionable product which reproduces the mesh surface characteristic of knobs and handles from the Graf collection and it ensures a strong grip on garments and accessories that you wish to hang on it. Made in aluminium, it’s the ideal wall hook to create an infinite number of combinations by playing around with Graf and Graf Big knobs and handles. They allow you to create sophisticated and elegant compositions on any type of wall. Its characteristic industrial style design, comes in three different easily combinable finishes.

Available in 3 finishes

$48.99 $37.99

FIN Hook

Available in 3 finishes

FIN Hook in Matte Black, Polished Chrome or Matte White

Fin is a wall hook made in zamak that is characterized by its unique personality. Fin is fixed onto walls using either screws or an adhesive. It’s a hanger with perspective as it changes radically depending on how you look at it from either the front or the side. It’s circular base contrasts with an adjoining part in a square shape which ensures a perfect grip on all types of garments and other accessories. Its minimalist aesthetic is perfect for bathrooms and rooms with smaller dimensions where the need to hang things on the walls is essential.

$60.99 $46.99

TOK Hook

Available in 6 finishes, up to 2 sizes

TOK Hook in Black, White, Moss Grey, Yellow, Pink or Blue Turquoise

Tok is a hanger which is characterized by its functionality. Made in aluminium and available in six different colours, it renovates the classic wall hook style in the shape of a hook. With its rounded ends, Tok can be easily stuck to the wall ensuring all types of clothing and accessories can be hung on there perfectly well. Practical and with a juvenile feel, this wall hook is characterized by its dynamism and, together with the Tik hanger, creates a perfect combination for a younger crowd: the Tik & Tok wall hooks.

$42.99 $32.99

TIK Hook

Available in 6 finishes, up to 2 sizes

TIK Hook in Black, White, Moss Grey, Yellow, Pink or Blue Turquoise

Tik is a wall hook in aluminium . This dynamic model is characterized by a simple, pleasant, juvenile design with rounded edges. Available in six colours, Tik is fixed to the wall using its adhesive interior part. Its upper part, slightly inclined, acts as the wall hook. It is perfect for surroundings which require practicality and easily combined accessories. Playing around with Tik and Tok hangers on the same wall you can create fun, practical, juvenile compositions that are functional at the same time.

$41.99 $31.99


Available in 4 finishes

DIABOLO Hook in Brushed Steel Look, Brushed Brass, Brushed Black, Brushed Grey

Diabolo is a wall hook of small dimensions which adds style to any room. Made in aluminium, this design is structured using simple, discrete lines that draw the characteristic shape of a diabolo. Available in four different finishes with a shiny touch, it stands out due to its minimalist, simple and functional design. Diabolo adds elegance to the walls of any hallway, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or office. The subtlety of this wall hook even extends to its knob version. Fitted together, they create surroundings where the simplicity of the lines and brightness of the finish add a unique personality.

$41.99 $31.99

BOL Hook

Available in 3 finishes

BOL Hook in Beech, Sapele, Lacquered Black or Lacquered White + Matte Black

The wall hook Bol protrudes using a subtle stalk made in zamak which is fixed to the wall, and the rest of the hanger “flowers” from the stalk like a wooden bowl in natural beech, white enamel and natural sapelli. The smooth shapes that make this wall hook ensure its comfort and functionality to hold all sorts of clothing and accessories. The industrial style of Bol is perfect for creating surroundings that transmit personality using organic materials and an elegant lineal design. the Bol collection of knobs and wall hooks transmits a new decorative concept based on warmth and harmony.

$44.99 $34.99


Available in 2 finishes

ROUND Hook in Brushed Brass and Brushed Black

The Round wall hook, made in aluminum, is a minimalist and functional idea . Conceived as a basic wall hook, round is based on a cylindrical shape that widens on the front part to ensure a perfect hold on all types of accessories and also as a perfect way to open doors and drawers when fitted in its knob version. Its shiny finishes mean you can create elegant and sophisticated environments. Round is the perfect accessory to add personality via the use of subtle furniture accessories. The small dimensions of this hanger are ideal for installation in small kitchens and bathrooms.

$47.99 $36.99


Available in 10 finishes

COMO Hook in Brushed Copper, Polished Chrome, Polished Black Nickel, Polished Copper, Polished Brass, Matte Chrome, Brushed Gold, Matte White, Matte Black or Brushed Nickel

Made in zamak, the wall hook Como forms part of the successful family of knobs and handles of the same name . Going beyond the world of furniture, Como can also be found on the walls of hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices. With its classic, sophisticated design, the emblematic circumference of Como can be installed onto walls and fulfill all the requirements of a practical, functional wall hook. The elegance of its linear design allows for an infinite number of combinations with different colours. It creates unique surroundings and adds personality to your walls via the seven different finishes which, when combined between them, form optical constellations which are extremely attractive.

$33.99 $25.99