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SKU: 01bb414a
MPN: D7016
  • Brushed Dark Brass
    Brushed Dark Brass
    Not available
  • Brushed Black
    Brushed Black
    Not available
Price: $47.99

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Available in 2 finishes

ROUND Hook in Brushed Brass and Brushed Black

The Round wall hook, made in aluminum, is a minimalist and functional idea . Conceived as a basic wall hook, round is based on a cylindrical shape that widens on the front part to ensure a perfect hold on all types of accessories and also as a perfect way to open doors and drawers when fitted in its knob version. Its shiny finishes mean you can create elegant and sophisticated environments. Round is the perfect accessory to add personality via the use of subtle furniture accessories. The small dimensions of this hanger are ideal for installation in small kitchens and bathrooms.

Dia(D)- (mm)Dia(D)- (inches)Length(L)- (mm)Length(L)- (inches)
  • Finish: Brushed dark brass, Brushed black
  • Material: ALUMINIUM
  • Fasteners included
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