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SKU: 6229f861
MPN: D7017
  • Matt Black
    Matt Black
    Not available
  • Polished Chrome [+$1.00]
    Polished Chrome [+$1.00]
    Not available
  • Polished Black Nickel [+$3.00]
    Polished Black Nickel [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Polished Copper [+$3.00]
    Polished Copper [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Polished Brass [+$3.00]
    Polished Brass [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Matt Chrome [+$2.00]
    Matt Chrome [+$2.00]
    Not available
  • Brushed Nickel [+$2.00]
    Brushed Nickel [+$2.00]
    Not available
  • Brushed Copper [+$2.00]
    Brushed Copper [+$2.00]
    Not available
  • Brushed Gold [+$2.00]
    Brushed Gold [+$2.00]
    Not available
  • Matt White [+$5.00]
    Matt White [+$5.00]
    Not available
Price: $33.99

Quick Question ?

Available in 10 finishes

COMO Hook in Brushed Copper, Polished Chrome, Polished Black Nickel, Polished Copper, Polished Brass, Matte Chrome, Brushed Gold, Matte White, Matte Black or Brushed Nickel

Made in zamak, the wall hook Como forms part of the successful family of knobs and handles of the same name . Going beyond the world of furniture, Como can also be found on the walls of hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices. With its classic, sophisticated design, the emblematic circumference of Como can be installed onto walls and fulfill all the requirements of a practical, functional wall hook. The elegance of its linear design allows for an infinite number of combinations with different colours. It creates unique surroundings and adds personality to your walls via the seven different finishes which, when combined between them, form optical constellations which are extremely attractive.

Dia(D)- (mm) Dia(D)- (inches) Length(L)- (mm) Length(L)- (inches)
41 1-5/8" 25 1"
  • Finish: Polished chrome, Polished black nickel, Polished copper, Polished brass, Matt chrome, Brushed nickel, Brushed copper, Brushed gold, Matt white, Matt black
  • Material: ZAMAK
  • Fasteners included
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