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FIN Hook

SKU: 031d1e43
MPN: D7010
  • Matte White [+$1.00]
    Matte White [+$1.00]
    Not available
  • Matt Black
    Matt Black
    Not available
  • Polished Chrome [+$5.00]
    Polished Chrome [+$5.00]
    Not available
Price: $60.99

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Available in 3 finishes

FIN Hook in Matte Black, Polished Chrome or Matte White

Fin is a wall hook made in zamak that is characterized by its unique personality. Fin is fixed onto walls using either screws or an adhesive. It’s a hanger with perspective as it changes radically depending on how you look at it from either the front or the side. It’s circular base contrasts with an adjoining part in a square shape which ensures a perfect grip on all types of garments and other accessories. Its minimalist aesthetic is perfect for bathrooms and rooms with smaller dimensions where the need to hang things on the walls is essential.

Width (W)- (mm) Width (W)- (inches) Height (H)- (mm) Height (H)- (inches) Dia- (mm) Dia- (inches)
50 2" 54.5 2-1/8" 52 2-1/16"
  • Finish: Polished chrome, Matt white, Matt black
  • Material: ZAMAK
  • Fasteners included
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