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Flush Side Outlet Tee

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The flush tee pipe fitting gives you ultimate control to match your bar rail to any 90-degree angles or perpendicular angles in your bar. You can create intersecting bar foot rails or handrails create intersecting bar foot rails or handrails. It is also a perfect replacement piece for an indoor plumbing. Made out of solid brass, our flush tee pipe is super stylish and high on functionality. Has a classic look and is comfortable to use.

  • Flush Side Outlet Tee for 1-1/2" Diameter Tubing
  • Flush Side Outlet Tee for 2" Diameter Tubing
Tubing Diameter- ( Inches)W - (Inches)L - (Inches)

Material:- Brass

Wall Thickness:- .050"

Curves, Lines, and Turns, Flush Fitting make every joint disappear and result in a welded finish to your design. Our flush fittings are a great choice for traditional railing projects because of their ease of installation.

A streamed look is achieved with the use of flush rail fittings. Available in a variety of Brass finishes including polished, Satin, chrome, Nickel, Antique & ORB, etc.

For installing bar arm rail or bar foot rails, this Brass flush-fitting, made to match brass tubing, will help you match your bar's design.

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  • Flush Side Outlet Elbow for 1-1/2" Diameter Tubing
  • Flush Side Outlet Elbow for 2" Diameter Tubing
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