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Window Treatment Hardware & Accessories Ideas - The Backbone of Every Home Décor

Curtain Accessories - The Backbone of Every Home Décor Requires More Attention Than You Think

Window Treatment Hardware & Accessories Ideas - The Backbone of Every Home Décor 

Any house without curtains feels as if it is exposed, not quite literally. But curtains are a crucial part of the house and the décor. They give the touch of elegance while maintaining a sense of security and safety. Today, one could find never-ending options and designs in respect to the curtain category. Hanging curtain is not enough. You need to have so many other stuff with it too like curtain hanging accessories . With curtain, there will be a rod, pole, ring and the list goes on. You need to deliberately make sure of much elements even the tiny ones before installing one in your house. But when fitted and hanged it will look fantastic. One needs to also make sure it goes well with the aesthetics and colour scheme regarding the overall decor. So let's dive in with the Window Treatment Hardware Accessories you need to have ASAP!

  • The Curtain Rod

    The Curtain Rod

    Curtain Rod is one of the most important and essential accessory required. One needs a sturdy rod which works for years and years. A low-quality one can not only bring damage but give a very cheap view to the house. To choose best curtain rods  Check Out Types Curtain Rods and How to Choose Right Curtain Rod.

    The curtain rod accessories comes in many varieties. These are adept over window and then curtains are hanged. There are several designs in this steel curtain rod. Some are having a round end while one is in sharp cut. Try this one to get a catchy look. Classic Brass Tubing - 040 - 6 Ft Length. They can be used for lighting, curtain rods, closet rods, shower curtain rods, rods for wall hanging, and many other uses, you name it.
  • The End caps

    The End caps

    Something as minute as an end cap can also make a huge transformation. One needs to decide the finish of the cap which would go with the curtain rods and other accessories flawlessly. They need to be heavy and strong to hold up the curtains at a place for months and years without any loopholes. You can find these for the material of the rod you are using like Wood, Lucite, Metal, etc. Curtain Rod End Caps with custom finish & design bring a stylish look to your window treatments. Also, the SignatureThings Curtain Rod Finials easily screw onto the ends of your Curtain Rods.

    Similarly, some end caps are designed to coordinate with the Classic Complete line of Drapery Hardware (Sold Separately). These Best Curtain Rod Accessories lend an elegant accompaniment to your window décor.

  • The Curtain Rings

    The Curtain Rings

    What does a basic curtain ring do? If you may ask let me tell you. These rings are hanged on curtain pole accessory. A curtain ring is a small clip that holds a curtain in place. They are used to hang all types of curtains, including shower curtains. The curtain rings make your curtains easier to open and close, as well as make the curtains look stunning.

    The Curtain Rings with Eyelet are 3/16" thick solid brass rings, not hollow. They are 100% brass and can be finished in any of our custom finishes. So after having the general idea of the product one can decide the finish you want to opt for. These will help the curtains to remain in a place and can be adjusted according to your needs. The Decorative Iron Curtain Rings / Shower Curtain Rings provide the perfect amount of space to ensure smooth gliding when opening and closing attached curtains. Also, perfect for a bedroom, living room, dining room, office, or kitchen. Sleek and sophisticated clip rings give window treatments an elegant appearance. Our personal favourite is the Brass Curtain Rings With Eyelet simple yet elegant.
  • The Finials


    The Finials


    Finials are the decorative ends of curtain rods. Curtain rods with decorative brass finials add a refined look to this hardware while keeping the curtains attached. Several curtain rods come with finials, while others can be paired with other finials.

    Another essential to make a note of is the Finials. Finials are an element marking signifying the top or end of some object, often formed shaped to be an adorning feature. Smaller finials in metal or wood are used as a decorative feature ornament on the tops or ends of poles or rods such as tent-poles or curtain rods or any object such as a piece of furniture. A contemporary style and a dark finish curtain rod that stunningly complements anything that hangs from it, you'll achieve a casual yet timeless look that effectively embellishes your home. These beautiful Brass Curtain Rod Finials Cannon Ball Finial easily screw onto the ends of your curtain rod to add a refined finishing touch to your window treatments.
  • Curtain Brackets

    Curtain Brackets

    To install a curtain rod over your window, you’ll need a pair of brackets to keep it in place. Brackets are an easy way to keep your curtain rods securely mounted to your wall. This is where sturdiness meets elegance. One could find heavy duty curtain rod brackets  that go perfect with the look of your decor and curtain design. All you have to do is to simply mount them to the wall and slide the rod securely through the brackets.

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