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6 Superior Quality Hardware Choices To Boost Beauty Of Kitchen Cabinets

6 Superior Quality Hardware Choices To Boost Beauty Of Kitchen Cabinets

Knob or pull? Brass, Stainless Steel or Acrylic? Small or big? Kitchen cabinet hardware is more than just an appealing décor idea.

Knobs and pulls keep your cabinet free from dirt and help to protect your cabinet finish because you are not transferring the oils on your fingers to the cabinet fronts. Plus, while they’re little, they can actually make a huge impact on the look of your kitchen.

But with thousands of options in style and designs out there, how can you select the perfect cabinet knobs and drawer pulls to make the best impression?

Take a look of this variety of decorative hardware Ideas into consideration before updating your kitchen cabinet hardware.

Cabinet pulls and knobs aren’t always considered as they should be, but the style and finished that you pick can really make big difference to facelifts of your kitchen space.

Let’s Take a Look to our favorite cabinet hardware collection of various style and finishes.

1) Brass Hardware

Brass is an ideal way to warm up your modern and contemporary kitchen design. Brass Cabinet Handles, Knobs and Pulls look especially amazing against the dark cabinetry for a high contrast aesthetic.

Brass Hardware - Knobs
  1. Classic Square Knob
  2. Detailed Flower Knob
  3. Georgian Knob
  4. Matte Brass round cabinet knob
  5. Hexagon Knob
  6. Ornate Birdbath Knob
  7. Modern Dome Knob
  8. 3"Alphabet Letter Pull
Brass Hardware - Pulls
  1. Adjustable Wire Pulls 1/2" thick
  2. Beaded Oval Pull with Handles
  3. Brass Pull Plain
  4. C Shaped Pull
  5. Flat Rectangular Pull
  6. L Shaped Pull
  7. Rope Pull
  8. Modern Pull Square

2) Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware is widely popular amongst the cabinetry trade industry. These are heavy duty, the long-lasting option to transform your kitchen cabinets, cupboards, drawers.

This category has one of the widest varieties in the hardware line. As one of our most popular finishes, we’ve created an entire suite dedicated to solid stainless steel cabinet pulls, knobs, handles, and accessories

Stainless Steel
  1. Stainless Steel Angle End Bar Pull 10 mm
  2. Kube 12mm Bar Pulls
  3. Modern Cabinet Edge Pull
  4. Flat 12Mm Bow Cabinet Pull
  5. Stainless Steel Brushed Bar Pull 10 MM
  6. Flat 16MM Bow Pull
  7. Adjustable Cabinet Door Pull 12MM
  9. Stainless Steel Brushed Square Bar D Pull

3) Antique Roma Finish Hardware

Beautifully design Antique Roma finished drop handles to elevate your furniture piece with this drop pull that is more than ordinary.

Antique Cabinet Knobs and Pulls add a vintage charm to drawers and doors. The shape and character of this unique cabinet hardware are authentic. Lightweight and Nice finish, Thin but sturdy, great for decoration.

Antique Roma Finish Hardware
  1. Antique Roma Cup Pulls
  2. Antique Roma Drop Handle
  3. Antique Roma Finish Cabinet Flush Handle
  4. Antique Roma Finish Cabinet Pull - 14mm
  5. Antique Roma Finish Cabinet Pull
  6. Antique Roma Curved Cabinet Handle
  7. Antique Roma Finish Traditional Handle
  8. Antique Roma Cabinet Knob

4) Brushed Brass Finish Hardware

Modern and contemporary brushed brass cabinet pulls to match your style and budget. Intensify the overall look of cabinets by installing unique cabinet pulls.

Spectacularly brushed finished drawer pulls for charming home interior.

Brush Brass Finish Hardware
  1. Brushed Brass Curve Cabinet pull
  2. Brushed Brass Handle Cabinet Pull
  3. Brushed Brass Finish Round Cabinet Knob
  4. Brushed Brass Ring Handle For Chair
  5. Brushed Brass Square Cabinet pull
  6. Brushed Brass Square Corner Cabinet pull
  7. Brushed Brass Square Handle For Chair
  8. Brushed Brass Thin Square Cabinet pull

5) Black Hardware

Black is classic, simple, understated and will always be in style. It also works with almost every color of cabinet and style of kitchen.

So here are some of our favorite Matte Black Cabinet Hardware Selection.

Black Hardware

6) Lucite and Acrylic Hardware

Designed with elegance and sophistication in mind, These Acrylic Lucite Cabinet & Drawer Pulls Designed to Suit Your Needs!

Lucite Pulls and handles
  1. Lucite Door Handle - 3/4 Dia Closed End, Cabinet Door Pulls
  2. Door Ring Lucite Handle - 3/4" D
  3. Lucite and Brass Pull - 3/4" D
  4. Cube and Crown Lucite Pull - 3/4 D
  5. Plain Traditional Ring Lucite Pull - 3/4" D
  6. Barrel Retro Ridged Ring Lucite Pull - 1/2" D
  7. Plain Ring Cylindrical Post Lucite Pull - 3/4" D
  8. Hex Ring Cylindrical Post Lucite pull 3/4" D
Lucite and Acrylic Hardware
  1. Acrylic Drawer Pulls and Knobs
  2. Acrylic Cabinet Knobs and Pulls - Overall L
  3. Acrylic Cabinet Knob and Pull - Polished Chrome
  4. Acrylic Alloy Cabinet Knob - 1"
  5. Acrylic Round Ended Cabinet Knobs and Pulls
  6. Acrylic Cabinet Pull - Polished Chrome
  7. Acrylic frosted clear Cabinet Knobs
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