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Brushed Brass Ring Drawer Pull

SKU: 56d17b5e
MPN: 24748
Price: $67.99

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Create a stunning accent for any room with drawers, doors, or cabinets with these beautifully designed Brushed Brass Ring Pull. They are the easiest way to update your piece of furniture with something new! Enhance the taste of your kitchen and bathroom or radically change the look and feel of the furniture. They can be used in Chairs, Sofa, cabinet, drawer, kitchen, desk, wardrobe, dresser and another furniture handle.

This brushed brass drawer pulls is lightweight but sturdy. They look stunning and serve your purposes. Great helper. Pulls out drawers soon and conveniently. Complements a wide variety of cabinet finishes. In fact, these decorative cabinet pulls won't just lend your space an innovative look; you get to keep it!

Installations :

The rings are meant to be installed on chairs screwing from the front with wood screws (included with each handle). They can be installed on a dresser drawer: Screw goes in from the front and use a nut on the other side (we don’t typically provide) inside the drawer to hold it on. If you let us know that it is for use on cabinetry, we can supply the proper screws.

  • Polished Chrome
  • Brushed Brass

Note: P.S. Do let us know your custom/precise requirements and we will help you with the cost