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Brushed Stainless Steel KUBE D Door and Appliance Pulls 12 mm

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Stainless Steel KUBE D Door and Appliance Pull. Designed and crafted in Europe of fine quality brushed stainless steel. Available in many lengths!

High-quality solid stainless steel handles will add that unique touch that you have been looking for. Choose from a wide range of European-crafted fine stainless steel hardware that complements all styles of kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture cabinetry.

Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel

Also Available in Polished stainless steel Finish Visit Product

C - Center to Center(mm)C - Center to Center (inches)H - Height (mm)H - Height (inches)L - Length (mm)L - Length (inches)

High-quality stainless steel handles will add that unique touch that you have been looking for. Choose from a wide range of European-crafted fine decorative hardware that complements all styles of kitchens, bathrooms and furniture cabinetry.

Put the finishing touches on Kitchen Cabinets or Bathroom with Stainless D-Pull Handles that offer functionality, as well as a touch of class. Designed with your needs in observance our Stainless steel D-pulls  with AISI 304 Solid Stainless Steel to guarantee long-lasting use and limitless appeal, in both commercial projects and residential applications

  • Moden styling and high quality
  • 304 Solid grade stainless steel
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Brushed Finish
  • Kube D - Shaped
  • Fasteners included: M4 x 25mm

Add functionality and stunning design to any cabinet door, drawer Furniture with this top-quality stainless steel cabinet & drawer pulls. No matter if you're updating existing cabinetry or building brand new ones, this stainless steel hardware adds instant style to the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else, and is suitable for almost any decor. 

A heavy-duty, professional-grade stainless steel hardware piece that is hand-forged and polished for the ultimate durability and rich finish. Designed for both residential and commercial use, this pull is built to last. 

Installation is simple; each pull includes mounting screws to allow convenient installation into various thickness doors or drawers. 

SignatureThings is a leading provider of professional-grade cabinet hardware and fixtures that combine style with superior durability and quality.

When selecting cabinetry hardware and accessories, only Stainless steel offers 100% recyclability and superior corrosion resistance.

What Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a low carbon steel containing at least 10% chromium. The addition of chromium to the steel causes the formation of a chromium-oxide film which gives stainless steel its unique properties such as its resistance to corrosion and its ability to heal itself when in the presence of oxygen.

Why Stainless Steel is a Great Choice?

All stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion. Many different types of metals are available on the market today, making it difficult to choose the right one. With all of the advantages stainless steel offers, selecting it shouldn't be a matter of choice. In addition to being beautiful and sleek, stainless steel is also incredibly versatile and inexpensive. Additionally, the Stainless Steel is known for its ease of forming and flexibility, making it a top choice for most projects. Read more: Find out why stainless steel is the best choice with these 5 amazing advantages.

The Advantages of Using Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is probably the best material for work because of its value. However, despite its high upfront cost, its lifespan is longer than that of other comparable materials. This makes stainless steel a more economical choice in the long run. Other advantages to choosing stainless steel are:

  • It is durable. Due to its anticorrosive properties, stainless is exceptionally durable and will not rust or become polluted. Chromium content determines how corrosion resistant steel is. A low percentage will work well in wet environments, while a higher percentage is required in acidic or alkaline environments.
  • It is 100% recyclable. In the United States, up to 50% of stainless steel production comes from recycled materials. The processing, purification, and shaping of recycled steel use less energy. Steel used for recycling does not lose strength during the process.
  • It is hygienic. Stainless steel is very hygienic, which makes it ideal for use in hospitals, kitchens, or other places where hygiene is important.
  • It is heat resistant. Due to its resistance to high temperatures, stainless steel is commonly used in heat exchangers, boilers, valves and other high-temperature applications.
  • It has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Due to the higher strength-to-weight ratio, high-grade stainless steel and other metals consume less material than lower grades.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel makes an appealing addition to any space, which is why so many household appliances are made of it.
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