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Modern Door Knocker

This Door Knocker with stylish look all in one place is served by the specially for your dream home. The sleek perfectly rectangle design is nothing but an absolute beauty and reminds us of that contemporary door knockers. 100 x 200 x 10 mm (4” W x 8” High x 3/4” Thick)
Modern door knockers is an ideal decorative accent for a front entryway and is a great way for stylishly announcing a visitor.
Usually Ships within (expediting available): 2 weeks

This modern front door knocker is durable and appealing to the eye, as well as functional. Made from solid brass that provides excellent corrosion protection. Its
unique design adds a sophisticated look to your doors.

Installation Procedure for the knocker:

  1. Please look at the attached image knocker top fitting
  2. Please do not unscrew or move the two screws in the middle.
  3. Use the 4 outside holes as the reference and drill holes in the door as per M4 SS wood screws sent with the knocker. Drill depth in door 20mm.
  4. Screw the top assembly in to the door with the 4 longer screws provided
  5. Press fit the cap on this assembly, please use the 2 dots marked on the base of the cap as a reference. (Dots also visible in image attached)
  6. As per layout attached from the side of the cap along the center line at a distance of 147.8mm approx.- 148mm Place the bottom square block. Using the 2 holes as reference drill 2 holes for M4 SS wood screws in the door to a depth of 20 mm.
  7. Fit the bottom piece with the smaller screws provided. Visually ensure that the piece is in the center of the moving knocker frame.
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