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Brass Heavy Duty Open and Closed End Flange Set

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When you purchase a closet hanging rod you need end support. Here's where you can find them!

Heavy Duty Brass Open and Closed Support Rod Bracket Flange for Round Brass Tubing with Multiple Diameter. Perfect Design, Heavy Duty Flange Brackets, Easy Installation. Each Pair (2 pieces - 1 Open and 1 Closed Brackets). Installation screws included.

This durable and practical brass closet rod flange provides stylish and sturdy hanging storage space for clothing in bedroom closets, or jackets in a coat closet at home or the office.

It is made from high-quality brass, making it easier to use, thick and rust-resistant.

They are excellent for closet hanging rods, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, as well as other areas requiring extra storage. They can be used to hang curtains, towels, clothing, ties, and belts.

Price is per Flange, you will need two flanges to install a Rod and Tubing...

A beautiful and affordable brass hanging rod support that is suitable for hanging shower rods or curtain rods around windows and doorways. Providing a secure, tight fit for a long time.

Our Brass closet rod bracket is crafted from high-quality brass to keep it looking great for years to come. 

Designed for closets, curtain rod brackets, windows, laundry rooms, wardrobes, balconies, clothes shops, and other places where you need extra storage rods, Closet Poles can be used to hang towels, clothing, ties, and other things.

Sizes and Dimensions:

  • 1-1/4" rod size with 50mm (2") backplate and 20mm (13/16") projection.

Decorative Brass flanges provide a sleek, modern profile, and it comes in a range of brass finishes for easy coordinating with surrounding decor. Choose from Brass, Chrome, Nickel, or Bronze.


  • A heavy-duty closet rod can be mounted on this closet rod flange set
  • You can coordinate these flanges with heavy-duty center brackets and rods 1.25 inches in diameter.
  • In this design, you are able to install the closet rod holder before inserting the clothing rod.
  • The manufacturer recommends mounting this product in a wall stud for maximum stability.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Once you have chosen the location to install, mark the screw hole locations with a pen, drill the holes and clean them, knock the anchor into the hole, screw it through the closet rod flanges screw hole, and then fix the anchor, then fix the other support brackets for the closet rod. Make sure the two brackets are on the same level. Mounts have a screw on the side that keeps the rod from sliding around.
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