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Aluminum Floor Mounted Doorstops

SKU: ed436fe4
MPN: 74612
Price: $47.99

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Mounts to floor and measures 1-3/4" height and 1-1/8" Diameter. Designed to protect wall & door from damage on Doors. Made of high-quality Aluminium and unique designs & multiple finishes to coordinate every aspect of the home.

This is one the quickest floor mounted door stops to install because the ring goes all the way around the bumper, allowing you to install it just about anywhere on the floor for door contact.

Aluminium Door Bumper is mounted to the floor, allowing the bottom of the door to contact it. Easy to install, it always keeps the door open when you need it. Thus protecting not just the door, but the wall and door lever as well.

  • Material : Aluminum
  • Available in 5 colors : Green, Terracotta, Black, Gunmetal Blue, Silver
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