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90° Flush Radius Elbow

Price: $83.99

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This bar foot rail bracket allows the rail to turn corners at a 90° angle. With this elbow fitting, you can turn your bar rail 90 degrees with ease to match the shape of your bar.

It’s time to give your bar the finishing touch it deserves with bar rail that matches its shape, from one bar edge to the other. Hardware like this curved flush elbow fitting makes it easy to install a bar foot rest that perfectly fits your bar's design.

  • 90° Flush Radius Elbow for 1 Inch OD Tubing
  • 90° Flush Radius Elbow for 1-1/2 Inch OD Tubing
  • 90° Flush Radius Elbow for 2 Inch OD Tubing.
Tubing Diameter- ( Inches) W - (Inches) L- (Inches)
1" 1-7/8" 1-7/8"
1-1/2" 2-7/8" 2-7/8"
2" 3" 3"

Material:- Brass

Wall Thickness:- .050"

Material Care:- Brass - Use Metal Polish (Item# 00202) and apply with a damp, soft cloth.

Curves, Lines, and Turns, Flush Fitting make every joint disappear and result from a welded finish to your design. Our flush fittings are a great choice for traditional railing projects because of their ease of installation.

A streamed look is achieved with the use of flush rail fittings. Available in a variety of Brass finishes including polished, Satin, chrome, Nickel, Antique & ORB, etc.

For installing bar arm rail or bar foot rails, this Brass flush-fitting, made to match brass tubing, will help you match your bar's design.

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