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4 in. Brass Floor Flange for 1.5 inch Diameter Tubing

Price: $91.99

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4" Floor Flange for 1‐1/2" Diameter Tubing securely holds and fastens pipes and tees firmly in place. We carefully curated an easy connection design so you can have peace of mind. Premium floor flanges easily attach to concrete, hardwood, wood, drywall, & other hard surfaces. You can securely anchor your floor flange to furniture such as tables, shelves, bookshelves, or other spaces. 4 screw holes to anchor the flange. Made out of strong brass materials.

Tubing Diameter - ( Inches)D - (Inches)H- ( Inches)

Material:- Brass

Material Care:- Brass - Use Metal Polish (Item# 00202) and apply with a damp, soft cloth.

Installation:- Mount plate to the horizontal surface or wall and matching diameter tube inside the neck. Fix the tube to the neck using the supplied PPH screw.

Hardware Included:- 3 x #12 x 2” Philips flat head screw. 1 x #8 x 5/8” Philips pan head self-drilling screw.

Use together with:- 1.5" OD tube, matching flush fittings for 1.5" tube and matching finials. It can also be used with tubes and ball fittings.

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