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Wall Mounted Handrail For Stairs Checklist-5 Things to Keep in Mind & Best Hardware to Use

Wall Mounted Handrail Checklist-5 Things to Keep in Mind & Best Hardware to Use

Wall Mounted Handrail For Stairs Checklist-5 Things to Keep in Mind & Best Hardware to Use

Whenever we speak home décor, we always stress on the fact that small things can make big changes. The underrated decisions can make or break the game. One of which is Wall Mounted Handrail for Stairs. In a wall railing project, the choice of the handrail is uniquely important. It's no rocket science and doesn't need to burn down your pockets unless and until you make the right choice and here we are to guide you to make one. Q-railing’s selection of styles and variants is so wide that you cannot fail to find a modern handrails for stairs interior. We handcrafted a Wall Mounted Handrail Checklist which basically covers everything you need to know. Let’s keep it simple and chic.

  • 1. Shape


    Though they are never-ending options regarding shape and structure as we are keeping it sophisticated the most simple ones are the best. Before taking a decision regarding the shape, try matching it with the mood you are aiming for your house. Look for something with suits your taste fix perfectly with the aesthetic you're going for.

  • 2. Length


    Once you’ve decided the shape, the second and one of the most important things to consider is How long should a stair handrail be? and where should a handrail start and stop. Calculating this will give you the general idea of how long the handrail you need. One beat way to do it counts the number of steps and multiply by 13. Do this step deliberately and not in a rush. Most of the times a slight mistake in calculating length could have lead to wastage of couple dollars. So take your time and always add extra length that you may need at the top and bottom of your stairway just to be on a safer side.

  • 3. Ending style

    Ending style

    This is where you can go as creative as you want. The ending or landing of the handrail is a component that adds beauty and classical elegance with minimal efforts. It provides an almost seamless finished look to your interior railing system. The most recommend one’s are the infamous ’Cap Rail Scroll End’ and the ’Half Ball End Cap’

  • 4. Handrail Brackets

    Handrail Brackets

    There’s a little unwanted math attach to this decision. Calmly calculate the Brackets for precise installation. Remember, you will need a bracket every 4’. So, for example, if you had an 8’ handrail, you would need three handrail brackets — one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the end of the 8 feet of handrail. Here are some of the examples which would make your house stand out. Open Link

  • 5. Wood effect

    Wood effect

    A wood upshot can really make a big difference. Signature Things provide a lot of wooden options as well to choose from. You have the freedom to design it the way you want. The wood effect on handrails is the new trend worth hopping on. An old vintage-looking wood can complete your house look and give that aesthetic touch to your house.

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