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The Lady and Dog

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The Lady and the Dog by Tim Washburn From Kirtland New Mexico. Made from Colorado Alabaster, it stands approx 10.5" high x 4" wide and 7" long.

Foutz Trading Companywas established in 1989 by Bill Foutz in Shiprock, NM after working most of his life as a US licensed and bonded Indian Trader on the Navajo Indian Reservation. His family has had Trading Posts on the Navajo Indian Reservation for over 100 years. They have been and continue to be one of the most recognized leaders in the wholesale distribution of Navajo rugs, Sand paintings, and well as other types of Navajo and Native American Arts and Crafts. has a new partnership with Foutz Trading Company to market their Authentic Native American products.

Each product will include a Certificate of Authenticity that it has been produced by an Native American.

Each product will also include a picture of the Artist, Craft-person that created the product.

Each product is fairly priced so that the maximum advantage goes to the Artist, Craft-person that created the product.

Tim Washburn (Navajo)

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