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Textured Bronze Round Cabinet Pull

SKU: 4a29e0b3
  • 5-1/16" L, 3-3/4" C/C
    5-1/16" L, 3-3/4" C/C
  • 6-5/16" L, 5-1/16" C/C [+$8.00]
    6-5/16" L, 5-1/16" C/C [+$8.00]
  • Polished Brass
    Polished Brass
  • Satin Brass
    Satin Brass
  • Polished Chrome
    Polished Chrome
  • Satin Nickel
    Satin Nickel
  • Bronze [+$24.00]
    Bronze [+$24.00]
  • Brushed Bronze [+$24.00]
    Brushed Bronze [+$24.00]
  • PVD Antracite [+$45.00]
    PVD Antracite [+$45.00]
  • Polished Copper [+$45.00]
    Polished Copper [+$45.00]
  • Black [+$24.00]
    Black [+$24.00]

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Textured Bronze round cabinet pull is made up of solid, high grade bronze. It is a relatively low-cost way to quickly transform the look of existing cabinet doors, drawers, and stand-alone furniture. Make this cabinet hardware a part of your home décor today. The products are crafted with a mixture of technological knowledge and manual handicraft work. Give your furniture a finishing touch and textures with our range of door knobs in various finishes including PVD antracite finish.

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