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Stratt Aluminium Cabinet Handle - Out of Stock

SKU: 2e44bb3a
MPN: 0465
  • Anodized matt
    Anodized matt
    Not available
  • Matt black
    Matt black
    Not available
  • Stainless steel look
    Stainless steel look
    Not available
Price: $13.99

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Available in 3 (4) sizes, 3 finishes

STRATT Edge Knob and Pull-in Anodised Aluminum, Matte Black or Stainless Steel Look

The original Stratt handle, manufactured in an aluminum profile, stands out due to its elegance and how striking its lineal edges are. The small step which is included on its front side, adds to its aesthetic and at the same time gives it functionality and makes it really comfortable to use. It is really simple to install and once it is fitted to the piece of furniture, the result is extremely attractive. It is a minimalist model, available in different lengths ranging from one which is almost square-shaped, to shapes that are far more rectangular. Its finishes of anodized matt, matt black, and a stainless steel look can be combined with kitchen and bathroom furniture, youngsters' bedrooms, and office furniture.

*Also available: Longer Size: 1100mm (43-5/16") total length.

Center To Center (C1) - (mm) Center To Center (C1) - (inches) Center To Center (C2) - (mm) Center To Center (C2) - (inches) Length - (mm) Length - (inches)
32 1-1/4" - - 50 1-15/16"
128 5-1/16" - - 150 5-7/8"
192 7-9/16" - - 250 9-13/16"
1056 41-9/16" 416 16-3/8" 1100 43-5/16"
  • Finish: Anodized matt, Matt black, Stainless steel look
  • Material: Aluminium
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