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Shaped Lucite Knobs - 3/4" Dia

High-end designer Lucite cabinet Knob. We can custom make these lucite pulls in any size, Center to Center or design (within reason). 3/4" Diameter Lucite handle or Open-Ended Knob. This has an overall projection of 1.5" suitable for Cabinets, drawer or dresser.

This is a custom lucite hardware and we can replace Lucite with Brass, Wood, Crystal, Bone, or any other material that is 3/4" External diameter. call 480-463-1912 to discuss.

High End Designed custom Lucite cabinet pulls. Made to order sleek and sturdy Lucite and solid brass pulls. Also, Fabulous fit for cabinets, drawers, and any furniture.

Perfectly executed and beautifully crafted cabinet hardware. This Acrylic Cabinet Hardware is completely customizable. Available in a wide variety of brass finishes and custom sizes.
SKU: Lucite-Brass-Knob
Usually Ships within (expediting available): 2 weeks
  • Crown Post
    Crown Post
  • Cone Post
    Cone Post
  • Straight Post [+$2.00]
    Straight Post [+$2.00]
  • Polished Brass Lacquered
    Polished Brass Lacquered
  • Polished Chrome Un-Lacquered [+$10.00]
    Polished Chrome Un-Lacquered [+$10.00]
  • Polished Nickel Un-Lacquered [+$10.00]
    Polished Nickel Un-Lacquered [+$10.00]
  • Un-Lacquered Polished Brass [+$15.00]
    Un-Lacquered Polished Brass [+$15.00]
  • Satin Brass [+$15.00]
    Satin Brass [+$15.00]
  • Satin Nickel [+$15.00]
    Satin Nickel [+$15.00]
  • Aged Brass Un-Lacquered [+$15.00]
    Aged Brass Un-Lacquered [+$15.00]
  • Antique Brass Lacquered [+$15.00]
    Antique Brass Lacquered [+$15.00]
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Un-Lacquered [+$15.00]
    Oil Rubbed Bronze Un-Lacquered [+$15.00]
  • Black Painted Un-Lacquered [+$15.00]
    Black Painted Un-Lacquered [+$15.00]
  • Blush Copper Red [+$15.00]
    Blush Copper Red [+$15.00]
  • Flat End [+$1.00]
    Flat End [+$1.00]
  • Spericle End
    Spericle End
  • Transparent

This lucite drawer pulls will be the finishing touch your cabinet needs. Your cabinets will thank you.

However, Our High-end designer quality Lucite Cabinet Hardware will instantly update your kitchen cabinet doors or drawers. Also, Use for bathroom vanity, or even a dresser or piece of furniture
in need of a facelift.

Now you can customize your own Knob or Lucite Handle in 3/4" Diameter Lucite.

  1. Pick the Ring Design, this is the top part of the pull ( Hex Ring coming soon)
  2. Pick the Post, this is what attaches to the furniture
  3. Pick from our 11 Custom Finishes or specify your own finish
  4. Pick the Color of the Lucite ( More options coming soon)
  5. Pick the Size you need.

Available in custom Lucite sizes and Brass finishes.

  • We can finish all our products in any of these finishes:
  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Chrome
  • Polished Nickel
  • Satin Brass
  • Satin Nickel
  • Aged Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Painted Black Un-lacquered
  • UnLacquered Polished Brass
  • Blush Copper Red

Available in custom Lucite sizes and Brass finishes. Contact us at for exact pricing.

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Existing reviews
Fabulous looking and quality
Modern perfection!! These pulls have updated several rooms in my home. Easy to install on dresser drawers, or cupboards doors etc.
They are gorgeous! Awesome seller & good shipping arrived earlier than expected. Thanks | 7/24/2019 1:59 AM
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Minimalist and modern appeal!
High quality. I really like these knobs.I put them on Black cabinetry and they look amazing.
Absolutely perfect for the more modernized look of lucite and brass. Super easy to install. | 7/24/2019 1:55 AM
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5.0 2