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Rim Lock Octagonal Furniture Knob

SKU: d877f2ba
Price: $72.99

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Rim Lock Octagonal Furniture Knob Cast Iron, Epoxy Black Finish 2-1/4" diam.

Rim Lock Octagonal Furniture Knob made of Cast Iron and with an Epoxy Black Finish

Finish + Material : Epoxy Black On Cast Iron

  • Size overall diameter of knob: 2 1/4" diameter (57 mm)
  • Overall length of spindle: 5" (127 mm)
  • Thickness of spindle: 8 mm
  • Screw Holes per set: 4
  • Screw Size (countersunk): 6
  • Includes: 2 x Knobs, 1 x rose plate, 1 x escutcheon, 1 x 5" spindle, BSW locking screws and fasteners
Size - overall width of knob(mm)Size - overall width of knob(inches)Overall length of spindle(mm)Overall length of spindle(inches)
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