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Antique Brass Clothes Hook Rack at Ideal for foyers, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The most versatile way to store your coats, hats, handbags, umbrellas, towels, or robes. ✅ Type : Hook Rack ✅ Number of Hooks : 5 ✅ Finish: Antique Brass ✅ The Overall length is 10" ✅ Center to center for Mounting holes is 6 1/2" ✅ Each hook is about 3" long
Modern Door Ring Lucite Handle - 3/4" Dia at Lightweight Lucite door handles are perfect for pantry doors, passage doors, and closet doors. ✅ The Brass piece is Approximately 1 - 5/8 inches high. ✅ Simple Design - Brass Closed End Design with Crown Post, Cone Post & Straight Post Design. ✅ Lucite End Shape: Flat End, Spherical End ✅ Lucite Rod Diameter: 3/4" D
Plain Ring Cylindrical Post Lucite Pulls - 3/4" Dia at ✅ The plain ring lucite pull is made of fine, smooth, transparent material and is offered with a base in your choice of color. ✅ Lucite Rod Diameter: 3/4" D ✅ Post Design: Crylindrical Post ✅ Mounting Location: Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, Dresser Drawer, Wardrobe Cupboard Doors, Vanity, Furniture & more.
Do you love the look and feel and aura of Antique items? A charming addition to any home, these Antique Style Crystal Cut Glass Brass Vintage Door Handles look amazing. ✅ Mounting Size: 128mm (5 Inch) ✅ Center to Center - 128mm (5 Inch) ✅ Crystal Color: White ✅ Material: Zinc Alloy ✅ Crystal: K9 Crystal. High-Quality Crystal, K9 crystals reflect light and resist fire. ✅ Usage: Drawers, Cabinets, Light Doors, interior use ✅ Style: Modern Exquisite And Luxurious
A Solid Brass Circle Flush Pull at that can be used on sliding doors, cabinet doors, and pocket doors. We offer this heavy and sturdy brass flush pull in all custom finishes. ✅ Sizes : - 2" Outer Diameter, 1" Diameter Opening , 1 3/4" Diameter Back Circle for mounting in the opening. - 3" Outer Diameter , 1 1/2" Diameter Opening , 2 1/2" Diameter Back Circle for mounting in the opening.
This sleek design combines the popular ball and windsor designs into one unique style that will add an eye-catching touch to your drapery at ✅ Sizes: - Small - 1-1/4" long - Medium - Discontinued - Large - 1-7/8" long. Shop Now ->
Modern Double Shower Metal Curtain Rings Set of 12 at ✅ 100% pure stainless steel, non-magnetic metal is corrosion-free, meaning it will last indoors and outdoors without rusting. ✅ Free gliding action on any shower rods or curtain rods. ✅ Coordinate with the matching rod (sold separately). ✅ Inner Diameter: 1'' Diameter (25.4mm) ✅ Set of 12 Rings.
Heavy-duty brass hinges for gates and barns at ✅ 3.5 MM (1/8" Inch) Thickness. ✅ Most suitable hinge to apply to your gate system. ✅ Gate hinges can help keep your gate door in place. Made of solid brass. ✅ Available in custom sizes & finishes. ✅ Size : 70x215 MM (2-3/4" x 8-7/16" Inches) ✅ Thickness: 3.5 MM (1/8" Inch)
2" Wide Brass Double Row Tie Rack at ✅ Perfect for hanging and organizing your face towels, bath towels, clothes, hats, purse, belts and other accessories in order.2"W x 12"L backplate is 3/16" thick with 10 pins. ✅ Sizes and Diamensions: - 2"W x 14"L backplate is 3/16" with 12 pins. - 2"W x 16"L backplate is 3/16" with 14 pins. - 2"W x 18"L backplate is 3/16" with 16 pins. - 2"W x 24&
Acrylic Alloy Cabinet Knob - 1 Inch at ✅ Crafted from Acrylic lucite Materials. ✅ Fit for cabinet dresser drawers cupboard wardrobe bookcase etc, give your furniture a sparkly new looking. ✅ Available Color: White, Lime, Black, Orange ✅ Fasteners are Included M4x25
Wall Mounted Rotating Brass Hanging Rod at ✅ This rotating clothes rack folds up for extra storage space. ✅ The rack can be used to hang your guests' coats when they visit, to sort clothing for the seasons, or wherever else you need extra hangers. ✅ Color: Black&Gold, Chrome ✅ Size: 37.5x5 CM
Brass Heavy Duty Standard Rod End Bracket at ✅ These are crafted from high grade brass using CNC machines. ✅ There are no joins, no welding, no casting, hence they are very strong. We can within reason adjust the Projection to a custom size too. ✅ You can use this End Support with Brass or Lucite / Acrylic Rods. For More Details Visit:
Retro Round Knob has great appeal in its finish of either Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Roma... and its simple styling will attract attention! ✅ Size : 35 MM Diameter & 31 MM Height ✅ Finish : Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Roma Shop Now ->
8-1/16 Inch REC Cabinet Handle at ✅ Available In Black, White, Transparent Brown or Transparent Dark Brown on Polished Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel or Matte Gold pedestals. ✅ 13 finish combinations.
Brass Heavy Duty Open And Closed End Flange Set at for Round Brass Tubing with Multiple Diameter. ✅ Perfect Design, Heavy Duty Flange Brackets, Easy Installation. ✅ Each Pair (2 pieces - 1 Open and 1 Closed Brackets). ✅ It is made from high-quality brass, making it easier to use, thick and rust-resistant. ✅ Installation screws included. ✅ Available in Multiple Sizes and Custom Brass Finished.
Unique Domo Cabinet Knobs at ✅ Available in Matte Transparent, Matte Transparent Grey, Matte Transparent Light Brown, Matte Transparent Dark Brown with Chrome, Matte Black, Matte Gold or Brushed Nickel Pedestal ✅ M4 x 25mm (1") Screws included. ✅ Material : Zamak/Acrylic Shop Now ->
Round Swarovski Crystal Pull at ✅ A beautifully designed Round Swarovski Crystal Pull can transform a room. ✅ It can be used on drawers, cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, etc. ✅ Specification : - Center to center: 128MM (5.03″) - Overall size: 5 3/8″ - Projections: 1 1/4″ - Width: 1 3/16″ - Finish: Chrome
Solid Brass Flat Top Horizontal Cabinet Handle at ✅ Cabinet Handle seems to be most at home with modern, or industrial cabinets. ✅ Sizes: - 6-5/16" ( 160mm ) C/C - 11-5/16" ( 288mm ) C/C ✅ Finish: Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome & Polished Nickel
The brass Rectangle Cabinet Handle Pull is finished in ancient brass,Gives you a strong sense of vintage visually. Our drawer pulls are super simple and modern,perfect for your dresser kitchen cabinet, bathroom drawers, bedroom wardrobe project. Material:- Brass Finish:- Antique Brass
Modern Lucite Acrylic Towel Rod With End Bracket - 1" Dia at ✅ Modern Lucite Towel Bar - Clear part of our Modern Bathroom Accessories; ✅ Hang your towels in style with the Clear Acrylic Towel Bar in Transparent, black and frosted Lucite Finish. ✅ Available sizes : - 1" x 12" Overall WITH END BRACKETS - 1" X 18" Overall WITH END BRACKETS - 1" X 24" Overall WITH END BRACKETS
3/4" D Classic Barrel Ring Lucite Drawer Pulls at It features a traditional classic brass ring and clear design. The Brass piece is Approximately 2 - 1/4 inches high. ✅ Materials: Metal and Lucite ✅ Hardware Materials: Lucite and Brass ✅ Design: Modern/ Comtemporary ✅ Lucite Rod Diameter: 3/4" D ✅ Post Design: Crown Post, Cone Post & Straight Post, Crylindrical, Hexagon ✅ Lucite Color: Transperent, Black, White & Frosted.
Elegant Swarovski Crystal Cabinet Handle at It gives a very glamorous, aesthetic and a personalized feel to your Home Decor. ✅ Available Size: - 3-3/4" Inches (96mm) - 6-5/16" Inches (160mm) ✅ Available Finsh: - Chrome - Brushed Nickel - Gold - Silver
For an effortless and charming way to knot a curtain, choose the Solid Brass Rose Pendant curtain Tie Back at ✅ This vintage curtain tie back will add real beauty to your curtains. ✅ Give your living area a sense of style that will be hard not to notice ✅ Size: 3 5/8" wide and 4 3/8" long ✅ Available in custom finishes.
Modern Brass Shelf Bracket With Standard Bracket Hanger at ✅ Newly designed L bracket for a Closet. ✅ It has a shelf bracket to put items on top off and a Standard Bracket designed for Tubing to hang item from. ✅ Size: - 12" x 12" Shelf Bracket - Center of End Bracket for 1" or 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" Diameter Tubing
Shop Mirror Cut Crystal Cabinet Knobs at ✅ European-crafted and hand-finished crystal with a beautiful design in Clear crystal with Stainless Steel Base. ✅ Base Metal Finish : Polished Brass And Polished Chrome