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Modern 90 Degree Shower Rod

This sleek Modern 90 Degree Shower Rod is perfect for the bathroom tub that is 29" x 67". This is 1" Diameter tubing in 0.040 thickness. Curved Shower Rod
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Size : 29" End Width with 55" extension straight piece for a 67" OVERALL length.  This works for a 29" W x 67" L tub.  If you want to use it for a longer tub we can do that for you by increasing the extension piece ( May be additional cost, depending on length needed).

The 1st piece will be 29" Long from the wall, will have the 90" Turn and then a strainght piece of 12 " long.

The 2nd" Piece will be a straight piece of Tubing 55" in length.  (can be longer if needed)

You will need connectors and flanges which are seperate products.  Please see the related products section on this page for suggestions.

1" Diameter Tubing for Curved Shower Rod

Available in custom sizes and finishes.

This product is Rod ONLY.  for flanges and other connectors see the related products.

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