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Large Rosette Design Shelf Bracket - Iron / Brass

SKU: d5851917
MPN: BA-SB-2001
  • Polished Brass Lacquered
    Polished Brass Lacquered
    Not available
  • Polished Brass Un-Lacquered
    Polished Brass Un-Lacquered
    Not available
  • Polished Chrome Un-Lacquered
    Polished Chrome Un-Lacquered
    Not available
  • Polished Nickel Un-Lacquered
    Polished Nickel Un-Lacquered
    Not available
  • Aged Brass Un-Lacquered
    Aged Brass Un-Lacquered
    Not available
  • Antique Brass Lacquered
    Antique Brass Lacquered
    Not available
  • Black Painted Un-Lacquered
    Black Painted Un-Lacquered
    Not available
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Un-Lacquered
    Oil Rubbed Bronze Un-Lacquered
    Not available
  • Satin Brass Lacquered
    Satin Brass Lacquered
    Not available
  • Satin Nickel
    Satin Nickel
    Not available
  • Aged Iron
    Aged Iron
    Not available
  • Antique Brass
    Antique Brass
    Not available
  • Antique
    Not available
  • Ash
    Not available
  • Beijing
    Not available
  • Black
    Not available
  • Brass
    Not available
  • Brite Silver
    Brite Silver
    Not available
  • Bronze
    Not available
  • Brushed Nickel
    Brushed Nickel
    Not available
  • Burgundy
    Not available
  • Burnished Bronze
    Burnished Bronze
    Not available
  • Chalet
    Not available
  • Champagne
    Not available
  • Espresso
    Not available
  • French Blue
    French Blue
    Not available
  • Gilded Silver
    Gilded Silver
    Not available
  • Gilt
    Not available
  • Gold Blush
    Gold Blush
    Not available
  • Gold Dust
    Gold Dust
    Not available
  • Gold
    Not available
  • Hammered Silver
    Hammered Silver
    Not available
  • Hammered Steel
    Hammered Steel
    Not available
  • Havannah
    Not available
  • Heirloom
    Not available
  • Henna
    Not available
  • Leather
    Not available
  • Mineral
    Not available
  • Moss
    Not available
  • Natural Iron
    Natural Iron
    Not available
  • Nutmeg
    Not available
  • Pearl
    Not available
  • Pewter
    Not available
  • Sable
    Not available
  • Sepia
    Not available
  • Swiss Gold
    Swiss Gold
    Not available
  • Versailles
    Not available
  • Vintage Walnut
    Vintage Walnut
    Not available
  • White
    Not available
  • Winter
    Not available
Price: $140.99

Quick Question ?

Choose one of our Brass / Iron Decorative shelf brackets for charming style and durable support. A simple, natural solution for your interior and exterior metal wall shelving needs. This wall shelf bracket is constructed of cast-iron metal or brass, making it a durable, stylish piece. This wall mounted shelf bracket will add an old world charm to your home. Easy to install, you can determine the distance between brackets.

This Large heavy-duty shelf bracket is an ideal solution for supporting kitchen or bar counters as well as deep shelves for pots, pans, and dishes and display your family heirlooms. These solid Iron/ brass shelf brackets can be used in any environment including retail display, kitchen, bath, or office.

Sizes and Dimensions:

  • 232MM x 220MM (9-1/8" x 8-11/16")

View More Options for Iron Finishes and Brass Finishes

Choose one of our metal shelf brackets for charming style and durable support. These beautiful brass / wrought iron brackets display intricate Victorian designs with other historic features and will bring a touch of period authenticity to your home.

Due to its greater strength for its weight, metal shelf supports can keep a low profile, while also displaying beautiful, ornate patterns. Our extensive selection of black iron shelf brackets, as well as brass shelf brackets available in a variety of finishes, means that we can match your period, vintage, or modern interior design.

All of our designs, from our simplest L-shaped brackets to the most beautiful decorative shelf brackets, are exceptionally strong and durable. Shelf weight capacity is generally determined by how securely a bracket is attached to the wall and not by how much weight it can hold.

Enough to be used as Bookshelf, Kitchen shelf, Exhibition Stand, Garden Shelf, External Wall Brackets, etc.


  • Strong Iron Or Brass Construction
  • Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket Ideal for showcasing collectibles and home décor
  • Functional addition to your home with a decorative touch
  • Compatible with wood, plastic, or metal shelving boards
  • Versatile can be used with your own customized choice of shelves and compliments a variety of styles.
  • Easily complements a variety of décor styles including rustic country, farmhouse chic, nautical/coastal, and transitional
  • These shelf brackets are ideal for creating more storage or display space, creating a wall-shelf, to customize your own bookshelf, commodity shelf, or storage rack.

Products Details:

  • Product Type: Shelf Bracket
  • Material: Iron / Brass
  • Brass Finish/ Color: Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Brass, Black Painted, Satin Nickel, Aged Brass, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze.
  • Design: Modern/ Contemporary
  • Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
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