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Jaw-dropping offers would make Halloween 2020 like you’ve never seen!

Jaw-dropping offers would make Halloween 2020 like you’ve never seen!

Jaw-dropping offers would make Halloween 2020 like you’ve never seen!

The spooky season is finally here. Even though we’re house arrest there’s no way the hype of Halloween is going to change. Be it offline or online, the fun is going to be in line. This Halloween, discover décor that catches the spirit of the season, quite literally. Browse a wide array of outdoor and indoor Halloween decorations, and explore a great selection of harvest décor to uncover great deals on even more fall favourites.

This is the perfect time of the year to go all out. Maybe give yourself a new look or maybe your house. Fall-inspired home décor is so in trend nowadays. Celebrating such a lively event in these deadly days of a pandemic can be a task but with safety and precautions, one could enjoy just as before. To lighten up your eyes more and make this occasion even more spooky and interesting we have something special stored up just for you. *drum roll*

Signature Things is offering special discounts on premium products and house hardware as well as home décor to make Halloween 2020 a memorable one. Be it door hardware, cabinet hardware, hooks, brass accessories, you name it and we have it. Within a wide range of products, one could easily have any hardware looking for. How could one miss offers -

  • Victorian Brass Push Plate

    Victorian Brass Push Plate

    This magnificent interior Victorian Push Plate features intricately detailed plates with French design on both ends, as well as smooth, square centres with roped edges. This is where quality meets luxury. It’s beautiful yet sturdy and would easily go with the aesthetics of your house. And guess the price, not $90, not $80, you could get this eye-catcher at just $75. Buy now

  • Classic Brass Tubing

    Classic Brass Tubing

    One of the most basic yet so essential item like a Brass tubing will add a touch of class to any room in your home or office. Use it for lighting, curtain rods, closet rods, shower curtain rods, rods for wall hanging, and many other uses. The wall thickness is 0.040 inches. For 6 feet or larger spans it is recommended to insert a wooden dowel inside the tube to make it sturdy, and/or also use a centre bracket. This product is also available in a thickness of 0.062 and 0.125 inches. Make it yours under a massive price slash of just $66. Buy

  • Vintage Tiffany Lamps

    vintage Tiffany lamps

    Coming to home décor, we have offers that would just make the tick& treat better. How could one not have vintage Tiffany lamps in this spooky season? Get yourself one of the premium quality and beautiful designs at a happy price. The lamp which values $169 could be yours for just $66. Yes, you read that right. Buy now

So what are you waiting for! These are the things you don’t only want but need as well. There are many more amazing price drops throughout the site…

Check them now

Let’s make Halloween 2020 memorable together.

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