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G Sliding Door Pull

Stylish brushed stainless steel G shaped sliding door handle. Comes complete with fasteners for a quick and easy installation. Smooth surface and nice design. heavy construction, good feel to the door flush handle.

Beautifully crafted ss G flush pulls made from 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish will look great inside any home. Perfect size for any cabinet, drawer, or pocket door. We use a very wide G shape which looks absolutely amazing no matter where you use them.

Get everyone complimenting your sense of style with these sturdy, stylish and simple sliding door /pocket doors / Closet door pulls.
B (Door Wdth) - (mm)B (Door Wdth) - (inches)A (Door Wdth) - (mm)A (Door Wdth) - (inches)
14 9/16" 10 3/8"
39 1-9/16" 35 1-3/8"
44 1-3/4" 40 1-9/16"
49 1-15/16" 45 1-3/4"
54 2-1/8" 50 1-15/16"
G Sliding Door Pull