Shower Door lucite Handle in 1" Dia Back-to-Back

This is a SET of TWO (2) Handles to be used in a Back to Back situation. These can be used in Shower Doors with Glass, On Pass thru doors, Sliding Doors, any area where you need to install 2 Handles Back to Back. The Rod for the back to back in the hole will be 1/4-20 threaded Rod. If mounting on Glass door make the holes 3/8" Diameter.
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We will provide the 2 Handles with the custom designed connector piece to be insert in the door.  One handle will have a Small hole with a Set Screw (provided) to be used to secure the second handle, after you have installed the 1st Handle.  You will need a #8 allen key, we do not ship this with the product.

The Center piece is custom made to the thickness of the door.  BUT it can be cut on site as needed at the time of instalation.  

We can make these to any custom length or center to center.  Please email with specific requirements.


Available sizes : 

1" Diameter X 6" Overall X 4" Center to Center 

1" Diameter X 7" Overall X 5" Center to Center 

1" Diameter X 8" Overall X 6" Center to Center 

1" Diameter X 10" Overall X 8" Center to Center 

1" Diameter X 12" Overall X 10" Center to Center 

1" Diameter X 14" Overall X 12" Center to Center 

1" Diameter X 18" Overall X 16" Center to Center 

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