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Cylindrical Thumb Knob

SKU: 98356fe7
MPN: 1918-1919
Price: $9.99

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Timeless designed cylindrical shaped cabinet knob is perfect for modern, transitional, or casual cabinetry or furniture.

Made of high-quality stainless steel and brass with polished gold finished. Smooth and clear brass knobs. Great helper to pull out drawer soon and conveniently.

This gold and brass knob match the different style of home design, ideal for any new or renovation projects. Decorative cabinet hardware featuring unique finishes and designs, as well as to fit a variety of cabinets and drawers.

Go a step beyond in the styling of your home with beautiful decorative brass hardware. Custom Cabinet Hardware is now offering a wonderful selection of hardware that enables you to show off your unique sense of style in the smallest details.

  • Material : Brass
  • Finish : Polished Gold
  • Fasteners Included: M4 x 25mm
øb - Base (mm)øb - Base (inches)C - Center to Center (mm)C - Center to Center (inches)L - Length (mm)L - Length (inches)

Fasteners Included: M4 x 25mm

Finish: Polished Gold

Is your kitchen or bathroom cabinets looking a little dated? The good news is that a new look is as close as this brass cabinet knob from signaturethings.

The complements lends a classic look to your kitchen or bath. In fact, this cabinet hardware won't just lend your space a fresh look; you'll get to keep it!

Classic, yet modern would be the best way to describe these brass cabinet knobs. These solid brass knobs transform them from something ordinary,into something extraordinary. Update your cabinet hardware today with these decorative knobs by SignatureThings.

Uses include kitchen cabinet hardware, bathroom cabinet hardware and various furniture drawer and cabinet hardware

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