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Crystal Ball Cabinet Knob

MPN: 40000
Usually Ships within (expediting available): 3-5 days
  • Clear [+$1.00]
    Clear [+$1.00]
    Not available
  • Frosted
    Not available
  • Yellow - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Yellow - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Amber - Clear [+$4.00]
    Amber - Clear [+$4.00]
    Not available
  • Amber - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Amber - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Light Blue - Clear [+$4.00]
    Light Blue - Clear [+$4.00]
    Not available
  • Light Blue - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Light Blue - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Dark Blue - Clear [+$4.00]
    Dark Blue - Clear [+$4.00]
    Not available
  • Dark Blue - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Dark Blue - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Light Green - Clear [+$4.00]
    Light Green - Clear [+$4.00]
    Not available
  • Light Green - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Light Green - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Black - Clear [+$4.00]
    Black - Clear [+$4.00]
    Not available
  • Black - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Black - Frosted [+$3.00]
    Not available
Price: $30.99

Quick Question ?

Unleaded High-quality crystal ball cabinet pull, European-crafted and hand-finished crystal with a beautiful design in Clear or Frosted Finish with Stainless Steel Base. Available in multi-color with brass base.

Decorative Crystal pull suitable for Cabinet, Dresser, Drawer, Wardrobe, Door, Cupboard etc. New style crystal knob has a perfect texture and brings comfortable touch..

  • Finish : Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Fasteners included: M4 x 25mm
Length - (mm)Length - (inches)Height - (mm)Height - (inches)


  • Clear Crystal Ball Knob with Stainless Steel Base
  • Clear Crystal Design
  • Crystal Cabinet and Drawer Knobs
  • Perfect for giving any furniture a luxury look.
  • Dekkor Hardware

Product Details:

  • Knob Shape: Ball Knob
  • Total Number of Knobs: 1
  • Color : Multi colored Crystals with Stainless Steel Base ( 13 Vibrant Colors )
  • The hand-made nature of these items may cause a slight variance in measurements. 
  • This results in each piece being unique.
  • Where to Use: Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, Dresser Drawer, Furniture, Bedroom Cupboards and Wardrobe Doors, Closets.


  • Two Sizes:  1” L x 1-5/16" H and 1-3/16" x 1-9/16"
  • Finish:  Brushed Stainless Steel Base.


  • Installation Required: Yes.
  • Fastener Included: M4 x 25mm
  • Unleaded crystal with brushed stainless steel pedestal

Note: The hand-made nature of these items may cause a slight variance in measurements. This results in each piece being Unique. Dye lot variances may occur in the Crystal.

High quality, European-crafted and hand-finished crystal handles and knob. Add warmth and a touch of magic to any room in the house by choosing from a variety of colors and designs.

Because of the hand-finished nature of these items, there could be minor blemishes that accentuate the individuality of the product. Due to the type of material used, there may be corresponding tolerances in measurements. Dye lot variances may occur in the color.

Fasteners included: M4 x 25mm

Maintenance: Crystal glass is breakable. The UV-bond adhesive is resistant against pulling forces only. For your long term enjoyment of these handles, please take special care that during assembly the screw is turned into the knob. DO NOT turn the knob onto the screw. Following these guidelines will help ensure the long life of these handles.

This crystal knobs literally shine like diamonds it feels smooth in hands and looks fantastic. Serves ideal to spice up the room, ideally the closet or the Kitchen cabinet area especially for those planning to sell or remodel their house. Great for upgrading Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Dresser Drawers, and Cupboard Doors

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Question: "What is included in the listing?

"The listing includes one Multi Colored Clear Crystal Knob."

Question: "What are the dimensions of the knob?"

"This Knobs is in 2 sizes. 1” L x 1-5/16" H and 1-3/16" L x 1-9/16" L.

Question: "How many screws are needed to install the knob?"

No. Fastener Included to install knob. M4 x 25mm.

Question: "What is the knob made of?"

"The knob is made of crystals and Brass Base.

Question: "What is the Color OR Finish Of knob?"

"The knob is made of Clear crystals and Frosted with Stainless Steel Base.

Question: "How Many Colors Option Available?"

"Total 13 Vibrant colors Available”