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Commence 2021 With The Best Lucite And Glass Hardware For Your Cabinets

Commence 2021 With The Best Lucite And Glass Hardware For Your Cabinets!

Commence 2021 With The Best Lucite And Glass Hardware For Your Cabinets!

Finally, we’re leaving back the awful and life-changing year 2020 and stepping in 2021 with new hopes and just positivity. With the inception of this new year, it's time to make some changes, tete-a-tete. This gives the perfect opportunity for you to renovate your house, or office and bring new things in this new year. If you partied hard this new year and a little tight on budget, it’s the best time to make use of the sales available. Now, even a slight change like a new door handle can make your house go bad to fab! We present some amazing choices of affordable lucite and glass hardware that easily matches your house aesthetic and leaving your guest etched. We recommend lucite and glass drawer pulls, acrylic knobs, door handles & more that make our unique cabinet hardware the only choice you'll want. Our lucite hardware is combined with your favourite brass, nickel, and black finishes for a perfect cabinet hardware match.

  • 1. Lucite handles

    Lucite handles

    Amidst buying expensive sofas and furniture for our houses we tend to skip investing in a good door handle. There is no doubt in the fact that an attractive door handle can leave a solid good impression on your guest. It brings class to different doors of your house, or if you even need a classy towel rod. It will end up giving a smooth finish to your house and levelling up your home décor game. Now, it’s understandable among the pool of choices it’s hard to find the perfect pair without breaking your bank account. So we present our personal favourites that would easily go with your house style and is easy on your wallet.

    • a. Cube Lucite Door handle

      Cube Lucite Door handle

      Shifting from the basics, the brass lucite handle cube-shaped would in no time become a statement piece in your house. This brass-Lucite mixture of Lucite Cube Handle set is true for expanding an accent to your contemporary home. Add an allure to your entryway with this acrylic handle, the masterwork. One can order as per the size needed and the favourable finish of the handle.

    • b. Towel Rod

      Towel Rod

      Manageable to fit with fixing screws this Towel Rod With End Brackets Constructed from gorgeous Lucite material which gives a supreme touch to your bathroom with the elegance of brass glamour.

      It’s the bathroom accessories you never knew you needed, hang your towels in style with the Clear Acrylic Towel Bar in Transparent, black, and frosted Lucite Finish. Create instant style in your modern bathroom towel holder ideas featuring a clean-cut translucent design and feature brass end brackets that securely cliff to your wall.

      A beautiful, high end acrylic towel bar is a great finishing touch to your bathroom! Whether providing a place for a wet towel to a dry or decorative towel to be displayed, a towel bar lets you add functionality and beauty to the bath.

    • c. Traditional Lucite Handle

      Traditional Lucite Handle

      A perfectly build lucite cabinet hardware can help you wow your guests without smashing your budget. From soft to striking or simple to bold, the market offers a huge selection of lucite cabinet pulls, which will give your home a fresh and more finished look. We offer each piece is formulated with aesthetics in mind and made with outstanding quality products from high-end Lucite and brass materials. Adequate for different styles of cabinets, use this Lucite acrylic hardware to decorate your cabinets or update some old furniture, bring you a modern look. Bringing style and uniqueness to your house.

  • 2. Door Knockers

    Door knockers are like the first impression of your house. A fancy and charming would effortlessly add the nature-loving and complimentary style to your ur home entrance. These are unlimited options of the knockers available in different design to and brass finish to compliment your style and taste. An investment in a good quality door knockers would not only leave your guest in awe but also save you tons of cash in the future. A beautifully crafted door knocker would step up any vintage door giving it more of a chic look.

    • a. Modern Door Knocker

      Modern Door Knocker

      There is no way one could miss adding this door knocker to your dream house list. The sleek perfectly rectangle design is nothing but an absolute beauty and reminds us of that contemporary front door knockers but with a touch of modernity. A glamorous door knocker is an exemplary decorative tone for a front entryway and is a great way for stylishly announcing a visitor.

So here we come to the end of this article. Now, you’re familiar with 2021 best lucite and glass hardware for cabinets. Hope this brief information would help you build your drama house without breaking your pockets.

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