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Brass Channels

SKU: 215c3b25
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Angled brass is available in a variety of sizes with both equal and unequal sides. Brass channel is ideal for edging panels of wood or glass. Get excellent durability and electrical conductivity with high corrosion resistance. Pleasing, gold-like appearance. Can be easily machined, cut, drilled, and fabricated.

  • We sell equal and unequal legs in different wall thicknesses
  • We sell them as 12'' lengths and can cut them to any size
  • We can match custom finishes

Brass channel is used in a variety of applications across a range industries. brass provides excellent machinability, good durability and electrical conductivity, and high corrosion resistance, as well as a pleasing, gold-like appearance. Brass channel is easily machined, cut, drilled, and fabricated.

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