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Brass Designer Strips

SKU: Brass-Strips
Call 480-463-1912 for pricing

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Brass Designer Strips: This is a Custom Design done by a Designer, Architect, Contractor, or Home Owner. Since this is Custom please email or call 480-463-1912 to confirm requirements and pricing.

Example 1: The customer wanted this product and we built it per these specs.

  1. We cut this out of a rectangular piece of brass using our CNC machine.
  2. Overall length to be approx.8"
  3. Overall height to be 1" Approx.
  4. Thickness of plate to be 1/8" Brass
  5. Screws placement to be as per drawing provided by client
  6. 2 week lead time
  7. Client did provide a Digital file of design in CAD format
  8. Finish was Unlacquered Polished Brass
  9. The price for this was 46$ per piece custom made and finished. Shipping was additional
  10. The design can be as complex as needed, as long as the CAD file has all the information we can use CNC and cut that design out.
  11. We can use any thickness material, cost will be higher if the thickness of the plate is more as more material is needed.

Example 2: Customer wanted

  1. 8'-0" Long 1" Wide 1/8" thick strips to use as a design element on the doors and around a library
  2. They wanted Mitered Edges... 45* at ends
  3. Custom Matched Finish
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