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Beautiful and Practical Furniture Feet

Beautiful and Practical Furniture Feet for Cabinets

Beautiful and Practical Furniture Feet

A home or office furnishing may take a great deal of abuse, especially at the floor level. When people sit or walk they may unintentionally kick the furniture. During vacuums or cleaning, the supplies may run into the piece. Many other such unnoticed things can damage the item. Furniture that is installed directly touching the ground also has to endure the moisture issue also. Accidental water spills are another concern to worry about.

Nowadays freestanding cabinets are in vogue and we’re rediscovering all the things that made them so appealing in the first place. Although people often don't think much about the feet on furniture, these items are of great importance. Furniture leg comes in many varieties and finishes. They provide numerous benefits. Thus individuals need to understand the options and advantages when choosing feet for any purpose.

Solid Brass Furniture Leg for Homes & Offices

Every home can benefit from a bit of luxury. A great way to add sophistication to a piece of furniture is to use a touch brass. The gold color of the legs brings out the richness of the bold sofa, while also keeping the furniture elegant and perfect for any room.

These solid brass legs are an ideal higher-end leg option for modern furniture. They add a contemporary twist to traditional pieces. These products are best suited for sofas, chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, beds, and other furniture. Below are some of the Furniture Feet that will help you cabinet stand sturdy as well as add an aesthetic appeal.

1. 8" High Brass Funnel Furniture Leg

8 Inch High Brass Funnel Furniture Leg

2. Brass Cone Furniture leg

Brass Cone Furniture leg

3. Brass Tapered Furniture Leg

Brass Tapered Furniture Leg

4. 10-1/2" Brass Square Furniture Leg

10-1/2 Inch Brass Square Furniture Leg

Made from high-quality brass, the above Furniture legs are available in various finishes and sizes. These legs offer a classic option for interior design projects or simply to change the height or style of your cabinets and other furniture.

Browse the Best Furniture Feet at SignatureThings

Whether you want to replace old, outdated furniture feet or add a new leg to your furniture – at SignatureThings we offer the newest design and a wide variety of cabinet and furniture legs. Choose from decorative, modern, simple, or sleek square profile leg, we have just what you are looking for. Not quite sure of the perfect fit? Browse all furniture feet to take a look at the wide selection.

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