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Antique Brass Toilet Paper Holder

Price: $49.99

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A bathroom tissue toilet paper holder is a device or accessory that is installed in a bathroom to hold and dispense toilet paper. It is typically mounted on a wall or placed on a stand and designed to hold a roll of toilet paper securely, allowing for easy access and tearing of individual sheets. There are various types of toilet paper holders available, including freestanding holders, wall-mounted holders, recessed holders, and dual-roll holders. The most popular designs are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood and vary in style from modern and contemporary to classic and rustic.

Features and Specification

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Type: Paper Holders
  • Color: Antique Brass
  • Usage: For toilet tissue and For Mobile phone
  • Material: Aluminium

Toilet Paper holder

Mobile holder

Antique Brass Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom Mobile Holder Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Bathroom Storage

Bathroom accessories toilet paper holder

  • five-year warranty against manufacture defects Bathroom Accessories paper holder
  • ISO9002 quality standard during manufacturing Bathroom Accessories Paper holder
  • High quality chrome plating Bathroom Accessories Paper holder
  • Installation on the wall is very easy Bathroom Accessories Paper holder
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