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Angle Cabinet Pull

SKU: a333cd1d
MPN: 0077
  • Polished Chrome
    Polished Chrome
    Not available
  • Stainless Steel Look [+$2.00]
    Stainless Steel Look [+$2.00]
    Not available
  • Matt White [+$3.00]
    Matt White [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Matt Black [+$3.00]
    Matt Black [+$3.00]
    Not available
  • Metallic Grey [+$6.00]
    Metallic Grey [+$6.00]
    Not available
  • Metallic Brown [+$6.00]
    Metallic Brown [+$6.00]
    Not available
Price: $13.99

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Available in up to 15 sizes, 7 finishes

Angle Profile Handle

The Angle handle is made with an aluminum profile and is characterized by its straight lines and its wedge-shaped front part.

Its timeless look can be combined with current furnishing trends. Its design and many different sizes are so practical and versatile on a diverse range of cabinets in the Kitchen and Bath, and furniture from sliding doors to office furniture or to chests of drawers. Can be used vertically or horizontally for many unique looks.

Center To Center C1- (mm)Center To Center C1- (inches)Center To Center C2- (mm)Center To Center C2- (inches)Center To Center C3- (mm)Center To Center C3- (inches)Center To Center C4- (mm)Center To Center C4- (inches)Center To Center C5- (mm)Center To Center C5- (inches)Length - (mm)Length - (inches)
32 mm1-1/4" C1/C1--------45 mm1-3/4"
64 mm2-1/2" C1/C1--------90 mm3-9/16"
64 mm2-1/2" C1/C1--------100 mm3-15/16"
128 mm5-1/16" C1/C1160 mm6-5/16" C2/C2------200 mm7-7/8"
96 mm3-3/4" C1/C1--------120 mm4-3/4"
128 mm5-1/16" C1/C1--------150 mm5-15/16"
96 mm3-3/4" C1/C1128 mm5-1/16" C2/C2160 mm6-5/16" C3/C3----200 mm7-7/8"
160 mm6-5/16" C1/C1--------190 mm7-1/2"
192 mm7-9/16" C1/C1--------250 mm9-13/16"
192 mm7-9/16" C1/C1--------300 mm11-13/16"
256 mm10-1/16" C1/C1--------400 mm15-3/4"
256 mm10-1/16" C1/C1--------300 mm11-13/16"
256 mm10-1/16" C1/C1320 mm12-5/8" C2/C2------400 mm15-3/4"
416 mm16-3/8" C1/C1--------500 mm19-11/16"
320 mm12-5/8" C1/C1416 mm16-3/8" C2/C2------500 mm19-11/16"
480 mm18-7/8" C1/C1--------600 mm23-5/8"
480 mm18-7/8" C1/C1512 mm20-3/16" C2/C2----256 mm10-1/16" C5/C5600 mm23-5/8"
640 mm25-3/16" C1/C1----320 mm12-5/8" C4/C4--900 mm35-7/16"
480 mm18-7/8" C1/C11440 mm56-11/16" C2/C2------1480 mm58-1/4"
  • Finish: Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel Look, Matt White, Matt Black, Metallic Grey, Metallic Brown
  • Material: ALUMINIUM
  • Fasteners included: M4 x 25mm (1") screws. Please let us know on your PO if you require longer or shorter screws.
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