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A Ultimate Guide to Hanging Curtain Rod Over Sliding Glass Door

A Ultimate Guide to Hanging Curtain Rod Over Sliding Glass Door

A Ultimate Guide to Hanging Curtain Rod Over Sliding Glass Door

Sliding doors offer an amazing view of the outside right from your home. This is why many people love them. Other than that, the entrance lets more sunlight into the interior. Creating such a living environment can improve both energy efficiency and the quality of life.

On the other hand, sliding glass doors may also have disadvantages. It may reduce the level of privacy in a house. Moreover, too much sunlight can cause damage to floors and furniture.

Therefore, many people finally think about adding a special treatment to their doors to deal with excess natural light. One of the best option is to use curtains.

If you also want to install curtains on your sliding doors, you can only hang them with a special sliding glass door curtain rod. This means you can't use any window rod.

We will share all the details about the special curtain rod for sliding glass doors in this article. As a result of reading this article, we hope there will be a greater understanding of how to use the right type of curtain pole to cover your sliding doors.

Sliding glass door curtain rods: Which is best?

Sliding glass door curtain rods: Which is best?

In order to hang curtains to cover your sliding glass door, the rod or pole must be installed first. As you can see, you can't just pick the item randomly because it's different from those used to hang on regular windows.

When purchasing a curtain rod for a sliding glass door, length is the most important factor that needs to be considered. The reason we can say this is because a full set of the door is usually quite long. Even if you can't find the right choice at a store, you can order a custom rod length at SignatureThings’s Rods and Tubing Collection Here. SHOP NOW->

Accordingly, we can also say that you should measure the length of the door first, before you purchase the curtain pole. Be sure to include the frame as well.

Usually, the rod needs to be a little longer than the total length of the door frame. Some people, though, choose the same length for both parts due to preference or space limitations.

What is the best height for installing the rod?

curtain rod installation must at least be 4” above the door frame.

When installing a curtain rod for a sliding glass door, you can't take any chances. In order to work properly later, the height and weight must be accurately measured.

The height is the first thing to measure. No other thing is more precise than the position of a rod above a sliding glass door's upper frame. Choose the center of the entrance and use a pencil to mark it 4 inches above it.

Lastly, you need to make a marking for each rod side so that you can know the exact length of the curtain pole. It is best to measure 2 inches out from both the left and right sides of the doorframe. Next, measure 4 inches above each point and mark them with a pencil.

The curtain rod and brackets will be installed straight if you follow the instructions correctly. If you think you will need more brackets, such as when your door is large enough. You can also create more marks to indicate where you want each of the hardware to be placed. In each mark you have made, you will drill a hole to attach the brackets to the wall.

Center Brackets for Rods: Why They're Important

brackets are required between every 30 and 36 inches of a curtain pole.

It is also necessary to choose the right brackets to support the curtain rod for a sliding glass door because it is so long. Usually, brackets are required between every 30 and 36 inches of a curtain pole..

The length of the rod must also be considered in this situation. If you wish to install a 60-inch pole for a standard 5-foot double panel sliding glass door, you'll need two center brackets in addition to the ends.

It is important to know that these accessories are more than just supports for the rod. By any chance, you may not know about their purpose. Specifically, The main purpose of the center brackets are used to avoid the curtain pole from bowing.

An Analysis of Curtain Rod, Curtain Material, and Bracket Strength

Currently, curtain rods come in various types of materials and with different weights, as you may already know. That's also the case when we talk about curtains.

 For this reason, it is important to make sure the brackets can support the rod as well as the curtains. You run the risk of everything you have installed falling if they aren't strong enough.

Also, the brackets should be screwed into the wall studs. Taking this step will make the bracket more stable.

Types of Curtains to Go with Rods

 Once you have installed the rod and brackets, the next thing you need to consider is a curtain. In this case, you must keep in mind that the door serves as the primary entrance and exit of the house. In addition, you must also keep in mind the disadvantages that are caused by a certain door type, making you think that curtains would be needed.

Sheer Curtain

Sheer Curtains

Our first recommendation is a sheer curtain. It is a great choice for those who want a subtle amount of natural light in their home.

This curtain does not provide complete privacy. Thus, there is a chance that the inside of your house can still be seen from the outside.

It is also important to know that this curtain is generally quite light in weight. This means that it will not place a significant load on the brackets or the rod.

Opaque Curtain

Sheer Curtains

Our first recommendation is a sheer curtain. It is a great choice for those who want a subtle amount of natural light in their home.

An opaque curtain is the second type available. An opaque curtain is also called a blackout curtain.

No doubt, there's a reason as to why it's called that. It blocks natural light from entering the house when it is covering the sliding glass door. When the curtain is closed, the interior will be darker.

This is also a great option if you want extra privacy. In addition to covering the glass door with blackout curtain material is the best choice for every room inside your house.

Curtain with Rings

In the third type of curtain, instead of hooks or pockets, there are rings. In our opinion, something like this is easier to open and close. The rings will prevent the curtain from easily falling from the rod even if you need to operate it quickly.

Non-Layered Curtain

Finally, we have a Non-Layered curtain. It makes sense for us to give you this recommendation because you want to cover a sliding door and not a window. Thus, it serves as an entrance as well.

Non-layered curtains are better suited to pair with a rood because they are easier to open. By doing this, you will never get into trouble when passing through the door.

If, for some reason, you must have layer curtains, make sure that you choose double brackets instead of regular or single brackets. It makes it easier for the glass door treatment to open and close.


That's all the information we can give you about the curtain rod for sliding glass doors. Our most important point in this article is that when you are searching for an accessory, you cannot randomly pick it up at a store.

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