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A Low-height, Lightweight Eastern toilet solution For the west

SKU: eastern-toilet
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Price: $1,800.00

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A modern approach to an age-old problem using new technology.

A Low-Height, Lightweight Eastern Toilet Solution For The West on Large rectangular surface area 28 X 23 inches. 4/6-liter dual flush tank, with air freshener.


• Designed and manufactured in North America

• Large rectangular surface area 28“X 23 “

• 6" deep bowl

• Border all around to minimize water spill on ground

• Top surface tapered towards center, so water does not collect

• Low Height only 12” from floor

• Light weight easy to install and uninstall

• 4/6-liter dual flush tank, with air freshener

• Appealing aesthetics and ergonomic design

• 100 percent no leak guarantee

• Optional tap or Bidet can be installed

Plug And Play Easy Installation

• Same as Western Toilet no modifications to floor or plumbing

• DIY or we can install

Other Options for Size, Finish, and other variables