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Stainless Steel / MAZAC Cabinet Bow Pull

SKU: 05a984f1

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Solid Cabinet Bow Pulls, Made with High-Quality Stainless Steel and MAZAC Materials. Perfect for a cabinet, closet, cupboard, drawer, dresser, door, wardrobe and other furniture decorated.

Fasteners Included M4 x 25 Screws

Material: Steel and/or Mazac

Size: 4-1/2" Overall L, 3-3/4" C/C

Center to Center - (mm)Center to Center - (inches)Length - (mm)Length - (inches)Diameter - (mm)Diameter - (inches)Height - (mm)Height - (inches)

Updating cabinet hardware can be an easy and quick way to add your personal touch to change the look and feel of an entire room. Make our brass cabinet hardware a part of your home décor today.

Our Unique Cabinet Hardware can be used across the home to revitalize your kitchen or bathroom and can offer an update to any furniture piece.

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